Past Performances

STEP '14 - Free theatre in city parks
Celebrating 20 years!

Teatro Publico de Cleveland: A Recipe para la Vida

Pandemonium 2014: Take Flight

Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays
A Staged Reading

I Am What I Am: Gays, Lesbians and The American Musical
Co-presented with The Musical Theater Project

Station Hope

Opera Per Tutti

The Drowning Girls

Deconstructing Kurt Weill: The American Songs


Left in Ink

This Is Not the Play

DanceWorks '14

A Killing Game

Titus: A Grand and Gory Rock Musical

Big Box '14

Air Waves
(Part Three of the Elements Cycle)

Exact Change

The Dark Room

The Movement Project: Dusty... a swift fall from grandeur

SantaLand Diaries

The Kardiac Kid

The Loush Sisters DO The Nutcracker

Doug is a D-Bag

Extended Run!!
Teatro Publico de Cleveland: Cuando Cierras Your Eyes

Y-Haven Theatre Project: A Life Without


Insomnia: The Waking of Herselves

SpringBoard: A Staged Reading Festival 2013

STEP '13 - Free theatre in city parks

Pandemonium 2013: Shine

The Recital of Return

The Owl Girl

Opera Per Tutti

Water Ways (Part One of the Elements Cycle)

Tender Napalm


Rusted Heart Broadcast


There Is a Happiness That Morning Is

Earth Plays (Part Two of the Elements Cycle)

DanceWorks '13

Big Box

SantaLand Diaries

Dia De Muertos 2012

Y-Haven Theatre Project

The Secret Social


Springboard: A Staged Reading Festival

Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays

The Kardiac Kid

Pandemonium 2012: House of Dreams

STEP '12 - Free theatre in city parks

UP Cabaret

Women's Voices, 2012

Rusted Heart Broadcast

Opera Per Tutti

13 Most American Dreams


Not The Flying Stupendas

DanceWorks '12

Iphigenia 2.0

poor little Lulu

Darwinii: The Comeuppance of Man


At-TEN-tion Span

Big Box '12

The Santaland Diaries and The Loush Sisters at PlayhouseSquare

It Can't Happen Here

Conni's Avant Garde Restaurant: Home for the Hollandaise


Y-Haven Theatre Project

Ya Mama!

Royal Ann's Preserve

Monster Play

Springboard: A Staged Reading Festival

Pandemonium '11: Amuse Me

STEP '11 - Imagine Home - Free family theatre in city parks!

Women's Voices

Cut To Pieces

My Barking Dog

DanceWorks '11

Insomnia: The Waking of Herselves

I Hate This/And Then You Die


NEOMFA Playwriting Festival

Darwinii: The Comeuppance of Man

Big [BOX] '11

Little Box: Public Displays

Little Box: Dating Godfrey

Little Box: Danger Road

Little Box: Mercy for the Devil (or The Nature of Forgiveness) AND Captive Muses

Little Box: Out of One Glass

Little Box: Even the Blind Can See

Little Box: Storm Cell

Y-Haven Theatre Project

Conni's Avant Garde Restaurant: Feast of Miracles

Little Box

Opera Per Tutti Presents: Il Tabarro by Giacomo Puccini

Kill Will

Don't Call Me Fat

The Book of Grace

STEP '10 - Song of the Seekers - Free family theatre in city parks!

Pandemonium 10: The Wild Side

DanceWorks 10: Inlet Dance Theatre

DanceWorks 10: MegLouise Dance presents Outside the Lines

DanceWorks 10: Verb Ballets presents Fresh Inventions

DanceWorks 10: MorrisonDance presents Mysterious

DanceWorks 10: Antaeus Dance and Travesty Dance Group

Somewhere, Someone: The 2010 Women's Voices Project

Big [BOX] 10: People4Change

Big [BOX] 10: McInjun and Honkfest

Big [BOX] 10: Concentric Cycles and Dirt

Big [BOX] 2010: Hum

Big [BOX] 10: Extra! Extra!

Big [BOX] 2010: G.S.

Big [BOX] 2010: Microscopes and Megaphones

Big [BOX] 2010: Cramped and Kill Will

Open Mind Firmament: An Evening of W. B. Yeats

Wanderlust: A History of Walking

Things of Dry Hours

Anna Bella Eema

Little Box: The Musicalling

Little Box: Flock of Seagulls and Wave

Little Box: girl and Au Bout de Son Latin

Little Box: Mother/Tongue and Bon Voyage, mon Oie (Goodbye, my Goose)

Little Box: Projecting and You Can See the World From Cleveland

Little Box: The Doppelganger, a play in eighteen paintings

Browns Rules

The Santaland Diaries

Little Box: History of Life

The Story of Baby20: The 2009 CPT/Y-Haven Theatre Project

Why Torture is Wrong and the People Who Love Them

STEP 09: Eye, Mind, Heart. Free family theatre in city parks!

Pandemonium 09: Forbidden Knowledge

DanceWorks 09: Ohio Dance Theatre

The Women's Voices Project: Speak From the Heart

DanceWorks 09: Verb Ballets

DanceWorks 09: Double-Edge Dance

DanceWorks 09: Open Window Dance Company

DanceWorks 09: Inlet Dance Theatre

DanceWorks 09: Antaeus Dance

Big [BOX] 2009: Unethical

Big [BOX] 2009: InCogNegro

Big [BOX] 2009: BACKspace

Big [BOX] 2009: MegLouise Dance presents Nearly Nude: Deconstructing Beauty

Big [BOX] 2009: And Then You Die and Claus for a Moment

Big [BOX] 2009: Summer Nights and Fireflies

Cut to Pieces

No Child...

The Alice Seed

The Aperture

Big [BOX] 2009: The Beetlebug and the Bad Worm and Kissmet

The Red Human-Headed Bull

Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake)

The Santaland Diaries


Mama's Boys: The CPT/Y-Haven Theatre Project

Little Box

Goldstar, Ohio

STEP 08: While I'm Here on This Earth

Pandemonium 08: Hidden Treasure

The Elyria YWCA Women's Voice Project

Matt and Ben

Cut to Pieces

The Vagina Monologues

Sneak Reviews

DanceWorks 08 - LINGO

DanceWorks 08 - MorrisonDance

DanceWorks 08 - Double-Edge Dance

DanceWorks 08 - Tikvah Company of Artists

DanceWorks 08 - Inlet Dance Theatre

DanceWorks 08 - GroundWorks Dancetheater

DanceWorks 08 - Not Exactly DanceWorks

DanceWorks 08 - Lisa K. Lock

Living Tall

Ms. Adventures

Two Plays by Gao Xingjian

Two Rooms

Big [Box]

In the Continuum

The Confessions of Punch and Judy

Pandemonium 07: Paradise Lost and Found

Osama the Hero

Little Box


The Santaland Diaries

The Y-Haven Project

AtTENtion Span: A Festival of 10-Minute Plays

Hot Topics

M4M: An all male version of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure