CPT now accepting Little Box Applications

Cleveland Public Theatre is now accepting applications for Little Box!
Little Box will run November 8 - 21, 2010 in the Storefront Studio. Application Deadline is July 9, 2010. Click here to download application (PDF).

Little Box is designed to help directors and writers in developing new work, by providing a forum for full-length readings of new plays.

Unlike a typical play-reading series, CPT leaves all casting and artistic staff selection up to the applying artist. Each selected project will be given two rehearsals and one public performance evening.

CPT will select four or more projects to be part of Little Box. We are especially interested in projects with two primary artists: a playwright and a director. However, we will consider projects with only a playwright if we feel that the playwright has the capability to carry the project through to completion, or we may help link playwrights to directors.

Each project will be given two rehearsals prior to the performance date (not necessarily in the theatre itself) and a full day in the theatre on the day of the show. This year, Little Box will be in CPT's Storefront Studio.

Part of the Little Box process is about gaining feedback and developing work. All showings will be followed by a post-show discussion led by CPT staff or a volunteer. Additionally, we hope this year to have a small group discussion of the plays among the Little Box artists and a few selected outside artists. All selected lead artists are expected to attend all performances and to participate in all feedback sessions.

CPT provides a stage manager as well as box office and house management staff. It is up to each artist to provide their own artistic collaborators (including actors) and any additional technical staff needed.

Little Box is about developing new work, trying things out, gauging reactions and getting feedback from audience members. We are expecting book-in-hand, staged readings with little or no set. There will be a very minimal lighting plot.

Each team will be provided a small honorarium of $120.

We will send out a general press release for the series and include mention of Little Box in other materials. Artists will have access to CPT's copy machine and a template will be provided for making individual flyers and programs. Since the work being done is in development, there will be no critics invited by CPT.

In selecting works for this series we look at a number of factors:

Production Potential
Can the team produce the proposed work? We want to feel confident that the team has a clear understanding of what it takes to pull off a show. Even a staged reading requires attention and knowledge to do it well.

Script Potential
We are not looking for masterpieces, but we are looking for work that we see has the potential for excellence. We may give slight preference to work that might be closer to our typical season programming, but we are primarily interested in providing a venue for local work.

Potential Impact
Does this work merit a staged reading? Will it benefit from a staged reading? Some plays may be great, but are really ready for full production. Others may be too early in the development stage.


If you would like to be considered for the 2010 Little Box Series, please click the link below to download the application form (PDF), or you can email an application request to artistic@cptonline.org.

Deadline for submissions is July 9, 2010.

Click here to download application (PDF).