CPT is Proud to present Kill Will!

Kelly Elliot and Josh Brown bring their 1 hour, deathtastic, improv comedy adventure to the Storefront Studio, Oct. 14 - Oct 30!

Back by popular demand! Murder. Revenge. Suicide. Cannibalism. A new Tarantino movie? No, it's Shakespeare! Josh Brown and Kelly Elliott, a husband and wife team of fight choreographers, combine all of the bard's great fights, duels and murders to create a side-splitting evening of stage combat, improv comedy, and video game battles-- with a bit of marriage therapy thrown in for good measure! Performing in the Storefront Studio Theatre from October 14-October 30.

Please note: The October 14th performance is SOLD OUT! Pnly a handful of tickets left for Friday, October 15. Post-show reception will follow the Saturday, October 16 opening!