The 2016/2017 Nord Family Foundation Playwright Fellows & Kulas Theatre Composer Fellows
Pictured (from left): Raymond Bobgan, Caitlin Lewins, Melissa Crum, Eric Coble, Cassandra West, Eric M. C. Gonzalez, Matthew Ryals. Photo by Steve Wagner.

CPT is now accepting applications for the Kulas Foundation Theatre Composer Initiative and the Joan Yellen Horvitz Director Fellowship Application.

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Cleveland Public Theatre has a variety of fellowship programs that support local, early-career artists. Applications for these fellowships will be posted here when available (usually during the winter months), and will be sent out through NeOhioPal, as well as our e-newsletter. Sign up here to receive important information directly to your inbox.

the nord family foundation playwright fellowship/Catapult

The Nord Family Foundation Playwright Fellowship is a year-long program for playwrights from Northeast Ohio that offers opportunities to develop work through readings, staged readings and workshop productions. Now in its fourth year, the Nord Family Foundation Playwright Fellows program is funded by a multi-year grant from the Nord Family Foundation. In 2017/2018, this fellowship is awarded to playwrights and creators alongside participation in Catapult – a CPT new work development initiative.

Past Nord Playwrighting Fellows:

Juliette Regnier – 13/14 season – S Plays
Andrew Kramer – 14/15 season – Cut it Out
Arwen Mitchell – 14/15 season – (Style Is) The Answer to Everything—A (Subversive) Women’s Programme (Across the Century)
Gail Nyoka – 15/16 season – The Waters
Stuart Hoffman – 15/16 season – Canon Fodder
Greg Vovos – 15/16 season – Well Beings
Eric Coble – 16/17 season – The Family Claxon
Melissa Crum – 16/17 season – Everything is okay (and other helpful lies)
Caitlin Lewins – 16/17 season – Everything is okay (and other helpful lies)
Cassandra West – 16/17 season – Mira La Mer

The Nord Family Foundation, a private family foundation located in Amherst, Ohio, endeavors to build community through support of projects that bring opportunity to the disadvantaged, strengthen the bond of families and improve the quality of people’s lives.

the kulas theatre composer initiative

The Kulas Foundation Theatre Composer Initiative supports the artistic growth and development of composers with extraordinary potential. Fellows compose music and sound design for CPT season productions. The Kulas Theatre Composer Initiative is a nine month fellowship that engages composers in a collaborative process under the guidance of the show producer and director to compose and produce original music for at least one full production in CPT’s professional season.

PAST Kulas Composer FELLOWS:

Sam Fisher – 13/14 season
Patrick Stoops – 13/14 season
Sean Hussey – 13/14 season
Sam Fisher – 14/15 season
Daniel McNamara – 15/16 season
Matthew Ryals – 15/16 season
Eric M. C. Gonzalez – 16/17 season
Matthew Ryals – 16/17 season

the joan yellen horvitz director fellowship

The Director Fellows Program is a season-long residency that provides mentoring, formal classwork and practical work. Fellows assistant direct, create new work and direct at least one project in CPT’s season. “The intent of this new initiative is to address Cleveland’s limited pool of directors with experience creating new theatrical work” said Raymond Bobgan, CPT’s Executive Artistic Director. Each Director Fellow receives an award of $3,000 and full underwriting of all of their learning and artistic activities during the fellowship.

In 2015/2016, CPT selected two early-career directors as Assistant Director Fellows. The Assistant Director Fellows received mentorship, formal classwork, assistant directing opportunities and created short, original work for CPT events. In addition, they had the opportunity to gain experience in guiding a project from idea to fruition.

Joan Yellen Horvitz is an admired couture designer whose work was based in Cleveland. Joan Yellen Couture Designs can be viewed in the permanent collections of the Kent State Museum Costume collection; The Western Reserve Historical Society, The Chisolm Halle Costume Wing; and the Ursuline College Historic Costume Study Collection. Ms. Horvitz has designed costumes and sets for dance and theatre. At CPT, Ms. Horvitz’s stunning work was seen in Fefu and her FriendsBetween Life and Death and Insomnia: the Waking of Herselves. Many local arts organizations and individual artists have benefited from Ms. Horvitz’s generosity.

PAST JOan Yellen Horvitz Directing FELLOWS:

Pandora Robertson – 11/12 season
Renee Schilling – 11/12 season
Denise Astorino-Brown – 12/13 season
Melissa Crum – 13/14 season
Caitlin Lewins – 13/14 season
Tecia Delores Wilson – 15/16 season
Jaclyn Vogel – 15/16 season