Mission and Artistic Statement

Mission Statement

Cleveland Public Theatre’s mission is to raise consciousness and nurture compassion through groundbreaking performances and life-changing education programs.

CPT develops new, adventurous work; and nurtures Northeastern Ohio artists—particularly those whose work is inventive, intelligent, and socially conscious.

CPT’s acclaimed education programs engage communities in devising new works that speak to contemporary issues, and empower participants to work for positive change in our community.

2019/2020 Artistic Statement

“Art is not important, not needed,

We knew it would be hard,

not vital.”

We chose this path,

This narrative is all too familiar,

We choose it over and over again.


to create.

A voice whispers and drives us

A calling:

I feel called,

pursue, explore, engage.

Sometimes we can barely hear the voice within

ineffable, beyond words.

But we respond to this call

effort and our heart

And that response becomes a call in and of itself

a cry out

to our neighborhoods, our communities, and


And we hope …                      …

beyond hope

for a reply.

Applause? (no)

We hope for something big

a ripple, a resonance, a movement—

A real response

a new call

from our world and the world beyond.

Our communities are speaking and listening

The aspiration of theatre—

celebrants and witnesses.

Calling and Responding.


The amazing 2019/2020 lead artists are responding to the world and calling out. We eagerly await the audience to join in the circle, the breathing, the heartbeat of this Call and Response—this very human act of sharing our compassion and consciousness.

Raymond Bobgan, Executive Artistic Director