The Remarkable Rating System

CPT produces a great variety of new work. To help you select shows that will appeal to you, we have designed “The Remarkable Rating System.” Inspired by restaurants that use a hot pepper symbol to alert diners to the degree of spiciness of the dishes on their menu, “The Remarkable Rating System” was developed as an indicator of how unconventional a given show might be. Keep in mind that “The Remarkable Rating System” is primarily about aesthetics and not about the provocativeness of the subject matter. This is just our best guess—we hope you think about it, question it, and judge for yourself.

Bold shows that will appeal to a broad spectrum of theatre-goers—a great option for introducing your friends to CPT. These shows address important contemporary issues and offer a great evening at the theatre.

2023/2024 season performances included in this category are:

The Outstretched Hand

These audacious shows push the envelope, breaking the mold of conventional theatre. Experience these shows and tell the world that you aren’t afraid to take a risk!

2023/2024 season performances included in this category are:

Our Lady of Common Sorrows

Brand new work on the cutting-edge of theatre in Cleveland. These shows may be funny, emotionally powerful, and wonderfully performed—and they are also adventurous. Super Risk can mean Super Experience. We are shooting for the moon—you can let us know if we crashed or triumphed.

2023/2024 season performances included in this category are:

Reverie Oracle
Funny, Like An Abortion

Make Your Mark – Shows in Development

CPT’s development programs are core to our mission and popular among audiences. Help local artists shape their work and gain a backstage perspective on the creative process by attending these shows.

Make Your Mark includes:

Test Flight – New Work Development Series

The Dark Room