Y-Haven Theatre Project

Y-Haven Theatre Project is a program for residents of Y-Haven, a YMCA center providing temporary housing and Substance Use Disorder Treatment to individuals who are homeless, re-entering the community from incarceration, and/or recovering from Opioid Use Disorder. The program teaches performing arts and technical aspects of theatre while addressing critical personal, interpersonal, and job-related skills through a comprehensive process. The program culminates in the performance and community-wide tour of an original play based on stories from the clients’ lives. The Y-Haven Theatre Project supports newly learned skills for sober and independent living and honors the unique and important perspective men in recovery bring to the Cleveland community.

For more information about the Y-Haven Theatre Project, please contact Raymond Bobgan, Executive Artistic Director, at 216.631.2727 ext. 202 or rbobgan@cptonline.org.

Y-Haven Theatre Project in the News

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