Internal Companies

Teatro Público de Cleveland

In 2013, Cleveland Public Theatre launched Teatro Público de Cleveland, Cleveland’s first Latinx theatre company, whose work reflects  artistic goals, interests, and ideals of its members. The purpose of this theatre ensemble is to share the rich diversity and perspectives of the LatinxCleveland culture, and to fulfill CPT’s core mission.

Teatro Público de Cleveland inspires inter/intra-cultural exchange through thought-provoking, bilingual storytelling and performance that foster social consciousness and build community. TPC is committed to identifying, developing, celebrating, and inspiring Cleveland Latinx artists to share their experiences, cultures, perspectives, and talents. Collaborating on the artistic continuum, Teatro Público de Cleveland welcomes amateur to experienced artists who share a common language regardless of cultural origin.

Masrah Cleveland Al-Arabi مسرح كليفلاند العربي

Through Masrah Cleveland Al-Arabi, Arabic-speaking communities of Cleveland share vital, life-affirming stories celebrating family, dignity, and freedom of expression. These stories affirm a rich heritage and seek to move Cleveland to shed preconceptions and stereotypes, and to grow empathy and understanding. Masrah Cleveland Al-Arabi is open to all people who share a heritage from Arabic-speaking cultures with an interest in theatre, regardless of experience. Current Masrah Cleveland Al-Arabi artists are from over 10 different countries; represent Islam, Christianity, Druze, and other faiths; and include recent immigrants to third-generation
citizens of the U.S.

Generous support provided by The City of Cleveland’s Cable Television Minority Arts and Education Fund, a supporting organization of the Cleveland Foundation.

img_0170Cleveland Core Ensemble

Since his first full production at CPT in 1994, Pinocchio Rising, Raymond Bobgan has been creating premiere performances through an organic, evolving ensemble process. Raymond often collaborates with a group of artists over years, continuing his research in long-term artistic relationship. In 2012, this work was given a name, Cleveland CORE Ensemble, and is dedicated to developing unique theatre practices, investigating the potential of the craft of acting, and creating a distinctive body of theatrical works. The ultimate purpose of the ensemble goes beyond the creation of individual performances, as it also influences the broader artistic work of CPT and informs the pedagogical practices for our education programs.