Resident Ensembles

Teatro 1

Teatro Público de Cleveland

In 2013 Cleveland Public Theatre launched Teatro Público de Cleveland, a local Latino theatre company.

It was born from a significant investment of Cleveland Public Theatre and support from the Cleveland Foundation’s Engaging the Future Program. The purpose of this theatre ensemble is to share the rich diversity and perspectives of the Latino-Cleveland culture, and to fulfill CPT’s core mission. It is an ensemble of actors and creators with a broad range of experience, from amateur to professionally trained artists. A majority of members can trace heritage to Puerto Rico, and there is representation from other countries of origin: Mexico, Uruguay, Guatemala, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia and Cuba, as well as diverse educational and economic backgrounds. Plays are performed in a mixture of Spanish and English.

img_0170Cleveland Core Ensemble

In 2012, Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan began working with a group of actors to create Rusted Heart Broadcast. The principles of this work were guided by Raymond’s long experience in ensemble theatre creation. A core group of actors continues to work together as an ensemble, aligning with the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET) which defines ensemble as “a group of individuals dedicated to collaborative creation, committed to working together consistently over years to develop a distinctive body of work and practices.”

Cleveland CORE Ensemble (Raymond Bobgan, Faye Hargate, Holly Holsinger, and Darius J. Stubbs) is working on a multitude of projects in collaboration with other theatre artists. The purpose of the ensemble goes beyond the creation of new work, as it also influences the approach to theatre throughout the season, instills core values in the broader artistic work of CPT, contributes to CPT’s community work in events like Station Hope, and forms the pedagogical basis for our education programs.