Gordon Square Arts District

The Gordon Square Arts District’s vibrancy is driven by arts and culture. It’s where our diverse neighbors live and thrive. It’s where entrepreneurs create small businesses, from art galleries to pinball parlors to handmade leather goods to wonderful restaurants.

Cleveland Public Theatre has been an anchor of our neighborhood for more than 30 years. In 1999, CPT Founder James Levin and Detroit Shoreway Executive Director Jeff Ramsey unveiled their vision of Gordon Square as an arts district. With James’ leadership, Gordon Square Arts District was born and Near West Theatre joined the partnership. A collaborative capital campaign led by Matt Zone, Albert Ratner, Dick Pogue, and Tom Sullivan transformed the physical properties of the neighborhood, stabilized our anchor arts assets, and led to an economic revitalization.

Today, more than 80 new businesses are thriving in the neighborhood. Gordon Square Arts District spans west to 78th Street Studios, home to dozens of art galleries and studios, and east to include Talespinner Children’s Theatre and Maelstrom Collaborative Arts. Gordon Square Arts District is an incredible model for how long-term investment in the arts can not only change lives, but also change our neighborhoods!