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Candlelight Hypothesis

Oct 13 - 31 | Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, this immersive performance empowers “the guests” (audience members) to curate their own experience. Inside the part museum, part haunted house, part workshop, guests witness scenes, monologues, dance, and music in this bold, multilayered performance.

Breakout Session (Or Frogorse)

Oct 27- Nov 12 | Can a society legislate a change of heart? In Breakout Session (or Frogorse), a corporate training company is vying for a city contract for de-escalation and anti-bias training with Cleveland’s Police Department. When the white facilitator, presenting to Black and Latino police officers, tosses the approved curriculum out the window to ignite change her way, the session spirals in unexpected ways.

Dia De Muertos

Oct 29| A vibrant cultural celebration for the whole family, the annual “Day of the Dead” honors the memory of those who have passed and is a treasured holiday in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

How the Circus Stole Christmas

Dec 01 -10 | Cleveland's home-grown circus company, the Crooked River Circus, brings you a night of circus and acrobatic fun, delight, foolishness, and games in this piece that is a nod to some of the most cherished characters and stories as they unite to destroy Christmas while flying high on trapeze, spinning and performing death-defying drops on aerial silks and corde lisse, and showing off feats of flexibility and precision on straps, pole, hoops, partner acrobatics and so much more.