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Mar 14 - Apr 06| Written by one of Israel’s most beloved playwrights after a terminal diagnosis, Requiem dares to tackle the big questions of “life and death” with poetry, frankness, and a lot of humor. One old man embarks on a series of journeys to ward off death failing to see the life all around him amidst the colorful characters he encounters along the way—an old medic, two drunks, three cherubs, and two prostitutes who dream of moving to Paris.

Test Flight 2024

Mar 7-30| Test Flight is a multi-week series that showcases new work on its way to full production. This popular event provides local and national artists with the keys to the theatre and opportunity to co-produce original works-in-progress. The series encourages risk-taking and entrepreneurial spirit towards creating. New Play Development.

Station Hope 2024 RFP

Deadline: Mar 1| Cleveland Public Theatre is planning the eleventh annual STATION HOPE, a one-night event of entertainment and art inspired by the history of St. John’s Episcopal Church and the Underground Railroad, the repercussions of oppression, and contemporary struggles for social justice, onSaturday, May 25th, 2024. 

Big Win For CLeveland and CPT!

Cleveland Public Theatre, Company One (MA), Crowded Fire Theater (CA), Mosaic Theater Company (DC), and Perseverance Theatre (AK) are thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration entitled The Future of American Theatre Cohort, bolstered by a generous $2.5 million grant from the Mellon Foundation. Each of these organizations will receive $500,000 from Mellon over two years to support their ongoing innovation, cultural change-making, and ambitious artistic programming.