Week #1 (Jan. 9 – 11): The BeetleBug and the Bad Work and Kissmet

January 09, 2009 - January 11, 2009

7:30pm and 3:00pm, James Levin Theatre


Cleveland Public Theatre Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan is proud to announce the participating artists for the 2009 Big [BOX] series. Big [BOX] is an award-winning residency program produced by Cleveland Public Theatre that focuses on the independent creative artist and the exciting things that can happen when one is given the space and time to create. Now in its 7th successful year, Cleveland Public Theatre is proud to support and foster the work of area artists in this unique program.

BB09The Beetlebug and the Bad Worm  


(double Bill)

Big [BOX] 2009 opens with a double bill – puppetry and theatre combine in The Beetlebug and the Bad Worm from Theater Ninjas and artists Katherine Kurre and Danielle Hisey present their new workKissmet!

The Beetlebug and the Bad Worm is a story of about friends, cruelty and bugs. Mixing physical theater and puppetry, the show follows the duo on an epic journey that takes them to the heights of fame, the gutters of poverty, the halls of power and the kitchens of kitchens. Through all their ups and downs, they must learn to help others and get along…assuming they don’t kill each other first.

Taking threads from physical theater, puppetry, pop culture, clowning and improv, Theater Ninjas has crafted a series of comic misadventures reminiscent of Tom & Jerry, Laurel & Hardy and Samuel Beckett. Akin to a live action cartoon, the endearing characters find humor in the outrageous and the mundane, not to mention the sacred and the profane. It is through this child-like bug’s-eye view that they encounter many of the problems and conundrums that make up daily life.

Theater Ninjas was founded in 2006 and performs original works and interpretations emphasizing accessible stylistic experimentation, drawing on elements of physical theater, film, improv comedy, dance, and graphic novels. The ninjas offer a chance for up-and-coming artists to develop their craft while providing affordable experiences that entertain, provoke and excite the next generation of Clevelanders.
Theater Ninjas on YouTube!

Kissmet, Written by Katherine Kurre
Directed by Danielle Hisey
Featuring Katherine Kurre and Paul Krick

Kissmet is an ageless story that speaks to the injustice of human treatment toward one another, and the misuse of love, vulnerability and power in relationships. This is not a story of the sexes, this is a story for you, for you who have been stoned and you who have thrown the first stone. Kissmet questions the vastness of the human condition, while demanding control and responsibility of individual capabilities.

Katherine Kurre is returning to Ohio after working and studying at The National Theater Institute at The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT. While at The O’Neill, she has had the privilege of studying and working with various talented artists from the New York/New England area, The St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia as well as attending and observing lectures and workshops with members of The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon and London. She is a graduate of Malone University where she studied theater and media communications under the mentorship of Tammie McKenzie for whom Katherine dedicates her inspiration and faith in her artistic voice. Katherine’s acting credits include: various productions at Malone University especially, the role of Maggie in Dancing at Lughnasa; NTI Spring 2007 ensemble collaboration of Over There; Productions with the 34West Theater Company as well as The North Canton Play House.

Created and Performed by Faye Hargate and Jeremy Paul Written by Katherine Kurre

January 09 – January 11 2009
90 Minutes

Jeremy Paul and Faye Hargate present The Beetlebug and the Bad Worm!