Week #4 (Jan. 30 – Feb 1): MegLouise Dance Presents Nearly Nude: Deconstructing Beauty

January 30, 2009 - February 01, 2009

7:30pm and 3:00pm, James Levin Theatre


Cleveland Public Theatre Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan is proud to announce the participating artists for the 2009 Big [BOX] series. Big [BOX] is an award-winning residency program produced by Cleveland Public Theatre that focuses on the independent creative artist and the exciting things that can happen when one is given the space and time to create. Now in its 7th successful year, Cleveland Public Theatre is proud to support and foster the work of area artists in this unique program.

BB09MegLouise Dance presents Nearly Nude: Deconstructing Beauty

MegLouise Dance ignites excitement and dialogue with Nearly Nude: Deconstructing Beauty. Previews of the production are already sparking public interest and comment. Julie Mullins of City Beat described the Cincinnati preview as “a different, more honest take on women’s culture.”

Nearly Nude: Deconstructing Beauty explores the evolving and conflicting roles of women through scattered imagery. Pop culture references like Barbie, Miley Cyrus and clutch purses abound in this performance about beauty, femininity and body image. The performance includes 8 dances created by three Northeast Ohio choreographers: Megan Pitcher, Sara Whale and Kalindi Stockton. The collaborative cast includes ten women ages 19-50. Leann Andrews, Michelle Brown, Caroline Kappel, Allison Leatherman, Carli Taylor Miluk, Maria Oriti, Lisa Paladin, Megan Pitcher, Stephanie Reed and Sara Whale are the bodies behind the juicy themes.

All appear in Girls Just Wanna, with as much jumping, rolling and pillow fighting as you could dream up at a slumber party. Four women dance a “preoperative” patient jig in the work appropriately dubbed, Nip Tuck.A duet between Whale and Pitcher, titled Broken in Two, digs into the darker aspects of the theme as the two revel in their perceived ugliness. Lighter offerings includeBarbie Girl, Skinny Jeans and The Clique. Slips by Stockton and Stripped by Pitcher are emotionally resonant and serve to drive the evening home. Above all, the variety of styles and perspectives keeps the event fresh and interesting.

MegLouise Dance is defined by boldness, risk and imagination. We present innovative adventures in movement and challenge audiences to consider new perspectives. Prepare to be inspired by this new generation of dance – infused with cognitive awareness, aggressive substance and the highest artistic integrity. It’s a truly moving experience.

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Presented by MegLouise Dance

January 30 – February 01 2009
90 Minutes