Nov. 12th: Flock of Seagulls and Wave

November 12, 2009

7:30pm, Storefront Studio


CPT is proud to present the third year of Little Box, onstage November 5 - 15 in The Storefront Studio. As part of CPT's commitment to local playwrights and producers, CPT presents the third year of Little Box, a series of staged readings of new work in development. Little Box is modeled after CPT's successful Big [BOX] Series but on a smaller scale, designed to foster works at an earlier stage of development. 


Flock of Seagulls 


(DoubLe Bill)

Thursday, November 12th
Storefront Studio

Flock of Seagulls

Written by Stuart Hoffman
Directed by Derek Koger
Featuring Shawn Galligan and Brian McNally.

Jake and Barry bicker over cleaning duties in their apartment before learning that they are characters trapped inside a play. Finding the script, they begin discovering mistakes and arguing over what to do. Jake wishes to follow the script safely through to the end while Barry wants to break away and live his own life. As the criticisms progress, the roommates must decide if these events are intentional acts by the playwright or genuine mistakes. Meanwhile, a higher force is at work attempting to make the decision for them and won’t take no for an answer.

Usually onstage as an actor, this is Stuart Hoffman’s first time behind the scenes as playwright at Little Box. He has been seen locally at convergence-continuum, Theater Ninjas, Ensemble Theatre, and Fourth Wall.


Writte by Jaclyn Villano
Directed by Michael Parsons
Featuring Marla Williams

Wave was developed under the artistic direction of Michael Parsons (Director), who oversaw the expansion of the story from its original ten-minute version to a now full-length play. The script has undergone several rewrites, with the help of feedback from Parsons, Cleveland playwright Mike Geither, Columbus-based dramaturg April Olt and veteran New York actresses Sonda Staley-Lewis and Jill Taylor Barnes. An alternate version of this show (under the title Unanswered, We Ride) will be presented in Columbus later this year. This performance features Marla Williams (Actress), a Columbus theater veteran and a Theatre Daedalus Ensemble Member.