Week #2 (Jan. 12 – 14): October in the Chair

January 12, 2012 - January 14, 2012

7:00pm, James Levin Theatre


Big Box, now in its 10th year, provides local artists with the opportunity to create and produce new work. Over seven weeks, Big Box includes eleven world premiere workshop showings of theatre, dance, music and genre-defying performances. Cleveland Public Theatre is proud to support and foster the work of area artists in this unique program. Artists are given keys to The James Levin Theatre and the freedom to transform the space for the presentation of their work. 

Big Box 12The goal of Big Box is to support new work and local artists.

CPT provides:
– The James Levin Theatre
– Basic production staff, stage management, box office support
– Marketing and advertising support

The artists provide the rest!

The writers, directors, actors, and designers selected for Big Box dedicate themselves to creating new and original work, or stretching their artistic powers by working in new disciplines.

Week #2: January 12 – 14

October in the Chair

Created by Danielle Hisey, Rose Sengenberger and Ben Gantose
Based on a short story by Neil Gaiman
Featuring Rose Sengenberger, Anne McEvoy, Annie Hickey, Nate Miller, Robert Hawkes, Charles Hargrave, Justin Eck and Peter Wilson

Deep in the forest, in a place that is not hidden but is very hard to find, the Months of the Year sit around a fire telling tales. October begins with a boy called the Runt.

Overshadowed by his older brothers, dismissed by parents and teachers alike and generally ignored by almost everybody, the Runt begins to dream of adventures in far off lands. Packing up his candy bars, comic books and the contents of his piggy bank, he runs away from home to find the future he imagines. In his adventure the Runt meets another young boy who shows him a world he’s only dreamt of, but the Runt discovers that to begin your greatest adventure, you must leave something behind.

October in the Chair has been adapted for the stage from Neil Gaiman’s short story of the same name by Danielle Hisey, Rose Sengenberger and Benjamin Gantose. Each with their own areas of expertise (Hisey, Directing; Sengenberger, Writing; Gantose, Design), these three artists have collaborated to transform the story into a theatrical evening of unlikely storytellers, playful shadows, make-believe monsters and adventures as real as your dreams.

Adapted from “October in the Chair” Copyright © 2006 by Neil Gaiman