[CANCELED] Week 3: Speak Easy

April 16, 2020 - April 18, 2020

7:00pm, Thu/Fri/Sat, James Levin Theatre.

Test Flight is a multi-week series that showcases new work on its way to full production. Test Flight provides both local and national artists with the keys to the theatre and the opportunity to co-produce original works-in-progress. The series encourages risk-taking and an entrepreneurial spirit towards creating new work while offering artists a structured support system. New Play Development.

The James Levin Theatre is fully ADA compliant featuring a patron elevator and an all gender, wheelchair accessible restroom.

Standard Price (Thursday): $12
Standard Price (Friday, Saturday): $18

Content Warning: CPT supports new play development, as well as social justice oriented-theatre. Sensitive material may be explored, and content continues to change as the art is developed (and Test Flight performances can continue to change throughout their run!). Because of the nature of new play development, we can’t provide additional content warnings for Test Flight performances.

The Test Flight 2020 series is canceled. Click here for up-to-date information about CPT programming.

Speak Easy

Directed by Ashley Wheadon

*2019/2020 Kulas Theatre Composer Fellow

Recently unemployed, Bernard drowns his sorrows at the “Speak Easy” when a mysterious guest shakes up a normal night at the bar. Bernard is faced with a tough decision; what is he willing to sacrifice to succeed? Set presently in Cleveland, Speak Easy examines the struggles of the average working person, the entrepreneurial spirit, and what success truly means.

Performers: Wesley Allen, Benjamin Isaiah Black, Madelyn Hayes
Musicians: Michael Atkinson (Tenor Saxophone), Quinten Harkness (Baritone Saxophone), Justin Ohler (Alto Saxophone)
Costume Designer: Ayoola Adebusoye
Artwork by: James Gribbs

Obediya Jones-Darrell is an award-winning writer, music composer, and producer. With his diverse portfolio of theatrical productions, Obediya is a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada. Across Canada, two of his radio plays won Outstanding Achievement in Creative Production (NCRA) 2012-2013 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and 2013-2014 (Victoria, British Columbia). Speak Easy is a play with music he has written inspired by immigrating to the United States and moving to Cleveland. Building on how our relationship with work and citizenship defines who we are to ourselves and the world, this play explores how the stress of a job can make or break anyone. facebook.com/soundbodyculture

The goal of Test Flight is to support new work and local/national artists.

CPT provides:
– The James Levin Theatre
– Basic production staff, stage management, box office support
– Marketing and advertising support

The artists provide the rest!

The writers, directors, actors, and designers selected for Test Flight dedicate themselves to creating new and original work, or stretching their artistic powers by working in new disciplines.


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