The Loush Sisters get HARD for the Holidays

WE'VE EXTENDED! NOW THROUGH DECEMBER 23. This holiday season, the infamous sisters are BACK! Join Holly and Jolly Loush (aka The Loush Sisters) for a bawdy, boozy, over-the-top holiday cabaret.
Yippie-Kai-Yay Mother-Loushers.

American Dreams

FEB 8 – MAR 3 | You are invited into the live studio audience of AMERICAN DREAMS, where you will decide which of three contestants will receive the ultimate prize: citizenship in “the greatest nation on earth.”


How to End Poverty

JAN 24 – 28 | Audiences listen, explore and ultimately decide how to spend $1,000 cash from that evening’s box office sales in HOW TO END POVERTY IN 90 MINUTES (WITH 119 PEOPLE YOU MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW).


Entry Point

JAN 18 – 20 | Step into a festival-like atmosphere of raw art-in-progress. ENTRY POINT is a platform for artists to develop their work in the early stages of creation, then share that work in a festival forum.