Mission and Artistic Statement

Mission Statement

STEPCleveland Public Theatre’s mission is to raise consciousness and nurture compassion through groundbreaking performances and life-changing educational programs.

CPT develops new, adventurous work; and nurtures Northeastern Ohio artists — particularly those whose work is inventive, intelligent, and socially conscious.

CPT’s acclaimed education programs engage underserved communities in devising new works that speak to contemporary issues, and empower participants to work for positive change in our community.


CPT invests in innovation and diversity, and has been recognized regionally and nationwide as a leader in the support and development of new work, the amplification of emerging voices, and for producing and presenting work from artists working outside of the theatrical mainstream.

The theme of CPT’s 2016-2017 season is Attention: Tension: Intention.

Attentiveness, the act of being present in the moment, takes effort and sometimes courage. When we look and see, it is often not pleasant at first. This tension, this friction, is the fuel that makes theatre so exciting and interesting—conflict and dynamism wakes us up to this present life and leads us to act with clear intention. We can decide for ourselves.

Cleveland Public Theatre’s 2016-2017 season invites us to awaken to the present moment and to ourselves. With theatre we experience the heart and the mind acting as one. The actor asks “what’s my intention?” – but it’s a question that we can all ask all the time. It’s not simple, it’s a process – that’s the kind of theatre CPT excels at—the layered, the nuanced, the dynamic. Whether it’s about celebration and fun, deep reflection, or a fantastical exploration, we are seeking a path from awareness through conflict into action… Attention: Tension: Intention.

Raymond Raymond's Signature

Raymond Bobgan, Executive Artistic Director