Brick City Theatre

“The Unconquerables” Lakeview Terrace, 2010

Cleveland Public Theatre offers children residents of the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority the opportunity to learn theatre arts through its nationally recognized program, Brick City Theatre.

Brick City Theatre picture 2Brick City Theatre engages children ages 5-14 who reside in public housing in a year-round afterschool and intensive summer arts program that improves academic skills, instills empathy and responsibility, builds character and enhances creative thinking.  Under the dedicated guidance of CPT Teaching Artists, children learn how to create and perform their own plays, choreography, poetry, music compositions and visual art. These works are then crafted into original performances that are presented annually at CMHA community centers and arts festivals throughout Cleveland.

Brick City Family Collective
Brick City Family Collective participants are proud parents, guardians, grandparents, and extended family members of youth in the Brick City CMHA community. Family Collective members participate in Brick City family activity nights; feedback sessions and planning meetings; special creative workshops and rehearsals; and exciting cultural events around the Cleveland community. These efforts create a unique inter-generational CMHA Brick City arts community.


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For information about Brick City Theatre please contact Chris Seibert, Director of Education at 216.631.2727 x 201 or

Parents and guardians of participants please contact Faye Hargate, Education Associate at 216.631.2727 x 207 or

We are proud to announce the release of PLAYGROUND, documentary by StoryLens Pictures that features the youth and educators of Cleveland Public Theatre’s Brick City Theatre program at Lakeview Terrace Estates as they build and perform an original play “I’ll be There…”, created in response to gun violence and loss in their community.
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