Week #1 (Jan. 15 – 17): Cramped and Kill Will

January 15, 2010 - January 17, 2010

7:30pm and 3:00pm, James Levin Theatre


The centerpiece of CPT's season, Big Box provides local artists with the opportunity to create and produce new work. Over seven weeks, Big Box includes nine world-premiere workshop performances of theatre, dance, opera and genre-defying performances. Cleveland Public Theatre is proud to support and foster the work of area artists in this unique program. Artists are given keys to The James Levin Theatre and the freedom to transform the space for the presentation of their work.


Week #1: January 15 – 17 (Double BilL)

Kill Will 

Please note: The Friday, January 15th performance is SOLD OUT! Tickets still remain for January 16th and 17th

Big [BOX] 2010 opens with a double bill – the new play Cramped by Carly Garinger, Danielle Hisey and Doug Snyder and Kill Will, a riotous romp through all of the horrible deaths in Shakespeare’s canon by fight choreographers Josh Brown and Kelly Elliott.


Presented by Three Steps Back
Featuring Carly Garinger and Danielle Hisey
Directed by Doug Snyder

Cramped is an exploration of two women’s coming of age, set inside the confines of a life size board game. The characters’ stories are intertwined, but not connected. Two pieces on the same puzzle-board, each woman is on a personal quest to discover who she really is and more importantly – why? Why am I the way I am? Because of my parents? Because of my friends? Because of my Religion? Because of my genes? Because of the choices I make? One character struggles with growing up in a conservative home, while she is exploring her sexual awakening. The other character has similar struggles compounded by the discovery of her father’s mysterious illness. Both are struggling with the discoveries that come with growing up and becoming a woman. Boys want you, but then they don’t. Bodies develop, but then they are gross. And the mind starts to struggle with the overwhelming overload of information. The board game challenges the women to confront their darkest fears and desires while simultaneously pushing each woman to the edge of her own sanity. But it is on this edge of the unknown that each woman realizes what she wants…to be less Cramped.

Kill Will

Created and performed by Josh Brown and Kelly Elliott
Directed by Alison Garrigan

Suicide. Revenge killings. Murders. Cannibalism. Is this the new Quentin Tarantino movie? No, it’s Shakespeare! Local stage combat choreographers Josh Brown and Kelly Elliott present Kill Will, a riotous romp through the Canon that seeks to answer the eternal question, “How many of Shakespeare’s characters can get killed in one night?” Kill Will will make you laugh, make you cringe, and make you wish you hadn’t dressed up so nicely for the theater. Because there will be blood. Oh yes, there will…be…blood.

In Shakespeare, the stage is strewn with flowers in the first act and corpses in the fifth.

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