Nov. 5: History of Life


November 05, 2009

7:30pm, Storefront Studio


CPT is proud to present the third year of Little Box, onstage November 5 - 15 in The Storefront Studio. As part of CPT's commitment to local playwrights and producers, CPT presents the third year of Little Box, a series of staged readings of new work in development. Little Box is modeled after CPT's successful Big [BOX] Series but on a smaller scale, designed to foster works at an earlier stage of development. 


History of Life

Thursday, November 5
Written by Becky Cummings
Directed by Jaclyn Villano

History of Life follows Sybil, an adopted Evolutionary Biologist and her quest into the American southwest to meet members of her birth family. It begins in Lake Havasu City, Arizona where the London Bridge crosses a man-made lake. Sybil seeks the genetic origins of her life but discovers that identity is often woven into a chaotic multi-layered story, not always in our control. Sybil discovers revelations about Wal-mart, Elvis Presley, Cowboys and Indians and fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex tracks. Science versus religion, nature verses nurture all come to a head at the Four Corners Monument, where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona come together in a point. Literally.

History of Life 
was originally written in Mike Geither’s Spring 2009 Playwriting class at Cleveland State University. The story has continued to be developed in part through helpful feedback and encouraging support by members of The Bessemer Project. This group of Ohio writers and theatre artists includes Rachel Baird, Deborah Burke, Michael Parsons, Peter Roth and Jaclyn Villano. All of the members have contributed by reading, directing and showing up, consistently, in the midst of the joyful organic chaos of creation.