Nov. 15: Girl and Au Bout de Son Latin

November 15, 2009

3:00pm, Storefront Studio


CPT is proud to present the third year of Little Box, onstage November 5 - 15 in The Storefront Studio. As part of CPT's commitment to local playwrights and producers, CPT presents the third year of Little Box, a series of staged readings of new work in development. Little Box is modeled after CPT's successful Big [BOX] Series but on a smaller scale, designed to foster works at an earlier stage of development. 



Au Bout de Son Latin

(double Bill)

Sunday, November 15th
The Storefront Studio


Written by Jenna Messina
Directed by Dan Kilbane

girl is the story of a girl forced to leave her home, and then forced to return three years later, only to discover a mother and a sister both paralyzed with fear and toilet paper. girl is an exploration is family, choices, change and fixing the unfixable. Dan Kilbane will direct the staged reading of girl; Kilbane previously directed Messina’s play Late Nite Special for the Dobama Theatre Night Kitchen.

Jenna Messina was most recently seen onstage as Hilgegard in Why Torture is Wrong and the People Who Love Them (CPT), Amanda in Kiss Laugh Cry Converse (OddyFest), Wendy in Crashing Through Ceilings (CPT Big [BOX]) and Helen in Fat Pig (The Bang and The Clatter). Recent directing credits include Optimus Prime for President and All’s Fair(Fourth Wall Productions) and Something’s Afoot(Spotlights Theatre). She will be directing G.S. by Jonathan Wilhelm for the Big [BOX] 2009 later this season.

Au Bout de Son Latin

Written by Ryan Ramer
Directed by Kevin Stephanos Charnas

Sam is throwing a big get-together and everyone will be there: Chris, Dallas, D.J., Austin, Pat, Casey. The audience won’t actually see the party, however; the stage represents Sam’s imagination, and we see only the goings-on inside Sam’s head. From the subconscious to consciousness to action, watch as Sam’s thoughts and feelings work their way through a broken telephone of the mind.

Written by new playwright Ryan Charles Ramer and directed by veteran Kevin Stephanos Charnas, Au Bout de son Latin shows us what it is like be “at the end of our Latin” and to have no more words to express how we feel. When Sam begins to become obsessed with a love interest who arrives at the soiree, a process of mental unraveling begins as Sam tries desperately to maintain an outward composure. See how Sam discovers the foreign language of the soul in its wordless truth, and how our inner-selves can best be defined through music.