Nov. 8: Projecting and You Can see the World from Cleveland

November 08, 2009

3:00pm, Storefront Studio


CPT is proud to present the third year of Little Box, onstage November 5 - 15 in The Storefront Studio. As part of CPT's commitment to local playwrights and producers, CPT presents the third year of Little Box, a series of staged readings of new work in development. Little Box is modeled after CPT's successful Big [BOX] Series but on a smaller scale, designed to foster works at an earlier stage of development. 



You Can See the World From Cleveland

(Double BIll)

Sunday, November 8
The Storefront Studio


Written by Rachel Baird
Directed by Jaime Bouvier
Featuring Faye Hargate

Photographs are a way of telling stories, of tracking and keeping human histories on an intensely personal level. They are often the only real proof that a life has happened. Projection is a method of sharing these images; it is also a method of separating the self from the self, of hiding personal realities safely away in plain sight. Projecting is the story of one woman through photographs.

You Can See the World from Cleveland

Written by and Featuring Aaron Calafato

You Can See the World from Cleveland is a solo performance and a vibrant tapestry of stories and experiences that come out of a distinctly Northeast Ohio experience. Aaron Calafato grew up in Northeast Ohio and finds that it has shaped him more than he thinks. From the immigrant experience of his family to his first memory of the Cleveland Browns, through his adventures during adolescent life, and into the passionate journey of an young actor in NYC. We see struggle, love, family, art, humor, and hope through the eyes of an artist, and specifically–through the eyes of the colorful characters we meet along the journey.

Find out more about Aaron Calafato by clicking here to read an article from the Sun News! or clicking here to visit his page on imdb!