Week #3 (May 19 – 22): Antaeus Dance

May 16, 2011 - May 22, 2011

7:30pm and 3:00pm, Gordon Square Theatre


Each year Cleveland Public Theatre welcomes the opportunity to showcase Cleveland's talented dance companies as they revive celebrated performance and premiere new work. Six celebrated dance companies will take the stage as they explore various themes in an amazing display of talent and creativity.

Week #3: May 19 – 22DanceWorls11
Antaeus Dance
 in Prospect & Refuge

by Antaeus Dance
Choreographed by: Joan Meggitt and Doug Lodge
Composed by: Bill Sallak
Film Maker: Cynthia Penter

Antaeus Dance premieres Prospect & Refuge, a captivating performance that explores the confluence of the infinite – prospect – and the intimate – refuge. Collaborators Joan Meggitt and Doug Lodge revel in the immediacy of human contact, utilize the body as active landscape, and transplant the dancers into lush environments and desolate locations. The performance features new music by composer Bill Sallak and a series of original films by Cynthia Penter.

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Prospect & Refuge – The Beginning

Prospect & Refuge – Getting There

Prospect & Refuge – Antaeus Dance in Preview Performance at CPT

Prospect & Refuge – Filming

Vimeo – Preview Performance of excerpts from “Prospect & Refuge” at CPT, DanceWorks 2010

Antaeus Dance                                                                             Antaeus Dance

Antaeus Dance          Antaeus Dance          Antaeus Dance