Week #4 (May 26 – 29): Double Edge Dance and Greene- Madcalf Movement

May 26, 2011 - May 29, 2011

7:30pm and 3:00pm, Gordon Square Theatre


Each year Cleveland Public Theatre welcomes the opportunity to showcase Cleveland's talented dance companies as they revive celebrated performance and premiere new work. Six celebrated dance companies will take the stage as they explore various themes in an amazing display of talent and creativity.

Week #4: May 26-29 (Double Bill)DanceWorls11

Etched in Motion

by Double-Edge Dance
Choreographed by: Kora Radella and Ross Feller
Composed by: Ross Feller

Double-Edge Dance will showcase Etched in Motion, choreographic intrigues teetering on the brink of emotional breakdowns or breakthroughs. Artistic Director Kora Radella, in close collaboration with cofounder and composer Ross Feller, choreographed the Double-Edge works. Samantha Beckerman, Shaina Cantino, Matt Davis and Radella will premiere four pieces. Matthew Thornton, former member and current guest teacher for the Pilobolus Dance Theatre will perform Laden in collaboration with textile artist Rebecca Cross.


The Beginning 

The Beginning, is a collection of existing and new solo and duets by local and national choreographers performed by the Greene/Medcalf Movement Project. The vision for this project is to create, commission and perform new and thought provoking contemporary solos and duets that aim to push the boundaries of dance.

See Greene/Medcalf on YouTube

Double Edge Dance          Double Edge Dance
Greene/Medcalf          Greene/Medcalf