Monster Play

Co-produced with Theater Ninjas
Conceived & Directed by Jeremy Paul

October 13, 2011 - October 29, 2011

7:00pm, Storefront Studio


Lock your doors, bar the windows and build up the fire as CPT and Theater Ninjas unleash an evening of hideous, inhuman monsters for your enjoyment. This original and unnatural co-production celebrates the nightmare creatures that haunt our dreams and stare out from our mirrors. WORLD PREMIERE/DEVISED WORK/NORTHEAST OHIO CREATOR.

The Creative Production Team Includes:

Andrew Kaletta - Set Designer
Janna Damberger - Costume Designer
Ben Gantose - Lighting Designer
Jack Smiley - Sound Designer

Featuring Ray Caspio, Stuart Hoffman, Val Kozlenko, Jenni Messner, Lauren B. Smith

Please note that there is NO late seating for this production

Featuring a collection of monsters both supernatural and human, Monster Play intertwines the stories of St. Anthony the Great, a reclusive monk tempted by demons, and a mythological hero who uses monsters to discover his own humanity. Famous monsters make cameos throughout, alternating between apologizing for and defending their own horrific natures. The play not only digs into the philosophical, political and pop slime that monsters ooze, but also taps into the monstrous energies: the impulses in people that can be described as monstrous. Inspiration is drawn from a variety of sources including classic and contemporary horror films, Russian folklore, BeowulfThe Faerie Queene, scripture, ghost stories, urban legends and, of course, the Bogeyman.

“It will thrill you. It may shock you. It might even horrify you. You’ve been warned.”


“Monster Play is a delightful carnival ride through every imaginable childhood nightmare and pop-culture scare delivered in the last hundred or so years, from Bram Stoker’s thirsty count to Wes Craven’s favorite razor-fingered sex offender.”
Andrea Simakis, Plain Dealer