Week #2 (Oct. 13 – 16): Standardized Child(TM) and Based on Actual Events

October 13, 2011 - October 16, 2011

7:00pm and 3:00pm, James Levin Theatre


Springboard features staged reading of new scripts by local writers and work that is under consideration for future production. The Springboard series places a special emphasis on developing directors for new work, nurturing strong relationships between directors and playwrights, and engaging the audience in the process. Springboard is NOT actors standing at music stands. This is staged work that conveys that rare excitement that comes from getting up on stage with little time to prepare. Audience members give feedback and engage in post-show discussions to help local playwrights develop their work. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT.

Purchase a Springboard Pass for just $30 and see as many staged readings as you want! Springboard Pass not available on-line. Please call the box office at (216) 631-2727 to purchase.

October 13, 15

Standardized CHildTM

Written by Claire Robinson May
Directed by Rose Sengenberger
Meet Robert, nine years old and pre-programmed for lifelong success on state achievement tests. Just remember to read his manual. Welcome to a new kind of adoption agency: Standardized ChildTM.

October 14, 16

Based on Actual Events

Written by Cari Gornik
Directed by Renee Schilling
After dying in his cubicle, Jim sticks around the offices of FindLaw, for some haunting shenanigans that lead to his coworkers trying to contact him in the afterlife.