Earth Plays (Part Two of the Elements Cycle)

Created by Various CPT Artists

February 21, 2013 - March 09, 2013

7:30pm, Gordon Square Theatre

2 hours 30 minutes


"Earth Plays (Part Two of the Elements Cycle)" is a diverse selection of premieres ranging from comedy to tragedy, from the surreal to the too real. Journey to the center of the earth, witness Smokey the Bear's confession, and prepare yourself to eat the whole world as "Earth Plays" takes audiences on a journey, literally and figuratively, throughout the historic Gordon Square Theatre. Travelling through the theatre, audiences will experience new theatre in a whole new way. WORLD PREMIERES/DEVISED WORKS/NORTHEAST OHIO CREATORS.

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The Plays

Act 1

The Diggers* Part 1, Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan | A.G.P & The Family Topography Part 1, Conceived & Directed by Renee Schilling | WAIT ‘n See, Conceived & Directed by Adam Seeholzer | The Diggers* Part 2, Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan | A.G.P & The Family Topography Part 2Conceived & Directed by Renee Schilling | Meantime AnthropoceneConceived & Directed by Pandora Robertson | The Diggers* Part 3Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan | A.G.P & The Family Topography Part 3, Conceived & Directed by Renee Schilling | Whet Appetite, Conceived & Directed by Molly Andrews-Hinders | The Diggers* Part 4, Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan | A.G.P & The Family Topography Part 4, Conceived & Directed by Renee Schilling | The Natural Order of Things, Conceived & Directed by Melissa Crum | The Diggers* Part 5Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan | A.G.P & The Family Topography Part 5, Conceived & Directed by Renee Schilling

*Text for The Diggers Part 1-5 is from The Diggers by Margaret Wise Brown and is used through the permission of WaterMark, Inc.


The Environmented, Conceived & Directed by Caitlin Lewins | Into the Blu, Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan | Poetry of Walt Whitman 1+, Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan, Text by Walt Whitman | Earth Pool, Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan | The Tranced, Conceived & Directed by Chris Seibert | Sparrow, Conceived & Directed by Jeremy Paul | Poetry of Walt Whitman 2+, Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan, Text by Walt Whitman | Maximum Bandwidth, Conceived & Directed by Raymond Bobgan

+Text for Poetry of Walt Whitman 1 & 2 is from “A Song of the Rolling Earth”, “Song of Myself” and “Preface to Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman and is used through the permission of WaterMark, Inc.

These provocative vignettes of Earth Plays provoke us to reconsider our relationship to the very ground we walk on, and remember they beauty and joy of our environment.

Specially featured shows include new song and movement work by CPT’s own Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan, a solo-performance by the acclaimed Chris Seibert, and a new work by Theatre Ninjas’ Jeremy Paul. Other creators forEarth Plays include Molly Andrews-Hinders, Melissa Crum, Caitlin Lewins, Pandora Robertson, Renee Schilling, and Adam Seeholzer.

CPT initiated The Elements Cycle to nurture a reverence for our environment and raise awareness about critical issues related to sustainability. This ambitious and powerful multi-performance project will be implemented over three seasons and involves the creation of five new, world premiere productions. Water, Earth, Fire and Air are the focus of the first four shows. Focusing on humans, the culminating fifth performance focuses on our historical past and our hopeful future. Myths, literature, science, sociology and ecology provide a foundation for the imagery, poetry and music in these plays and the compelling stories about the relationship between humanity and the environment.


“The massive cast is brilliant, the writing throughout is effective and thought provoking, and the visual elements are extremely well done.”
Kory on the Radio, WDOK