Featuring work by various Northeast Ohio artists.

January 20, 2017 - January 22, 2017

Doors & Lounge open at 6:15pm. Performances begin at 7:00pm, Fri/Sat/Sun, CPT Campus, multiple venues.

$15 for one-day pass, $20 for the full weekend. ($5 off students & seniors)

Grab a pass and step into a festival-like atmosphere of raw art-in-progress. ENTRY POINT is a new platform for artists to develop their work in the early stages of creation, then share that work with the public in a festival forum. ENTRY POINT activities include staged readings, works-in-progress, open rehearsals, guest panel discussions & facilitated feedback between artists and audience after every showing. New Play Development.

Free Beer Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Entry Point features works-in-progress by Raymond Bobgan & Cleveland Core Ensemble, Eric Coble, Melissa Crum & Caitlin Lewins, Justin Glanville, Daniel Gray-Kontar, Faye Hargate, Meredith L. King, Lisa Langford, Cathleen O'Malley & Lauren Joy Fraley, Jaclyn Vogel, Cassandra West, Carrie Williams.

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Announcing Two FREE afternoon panel discussions

Saturday, January 21st at 2:00pm & 3:30pm

Engage with guest speakers whose work is shaping the national theatre field. Panel topics include
Diverse Voices, The New Play Exchange & National New Play Network.

Pictured (from left): Sherrine Azab – photo by Tanya Moutzalias, Reginald Edmund – photo by Pin Lim, Evren Odcikin – photo by Kevin Berne,
Gwydion Suilebhan – no photo credit, Mark Valdez – photo by Bonnie Allen.

[2:00] Diverse Voices

Sherrine Azab – Co-Director, A Host of People & Engagement Manager, Network of Ensemble Theaters
Reginald Edmund – Managing Curating Producer of Black Lives, Black Words International Project, Resident Playwright of Chicago Dramatists Theatre & Literary Manager of Pegasus Theatre Chicago
Evren Odcikin – Director of New Plays and Marketing, Golden Thread Productions, Theatre Director & Producer
Mark Valdez – ArtsValdez

[3:30] Notes from the Field: the National New Play Network & the New Play Exchange

Gywdion Suilebhan – Project Director, New Play Exchange, National New Play Network; Director of Brand and Marketing, Woolly Mammoth
Beth Wood – Associate Artistic Director, Cleveland Public Theatre

Click here to read more about the panelists.

Entry Point Features 7 stages…

1 – Gordon Square Theatre

Red Ash Mosaic | Raymond Bobgan & Cleveland Core Ensemble [8:30, 9:05, 9:40]
Approx. 15 min
An unknown scene from Red Ash Mosaic, a play about a bridge between our world and others.
Artists: Dionne Atchison, Faye Hargate, Colleen McCaughey, Sarah Moore, Adam Seeholzer & Darius Stubbs


Sharps: A Workshop | Faye Hargate [7:05]
Approx. 80 min
A multi-media exploration with sound, space and story.
In collaboration with: Ben Gantose, Natalie Phillips, Roberta Robinson & Matthew Ryals | Special Thanks: Raymond Bobgan, Carly Garinger, Joan Hargate and the cast of She’s Wearing White…

3 – East Storefront

Everything is okay (and other helpful lies) | Melissa Crum & Caitlin Lewins, Catapult Artists / Nord Fellows [7:10, 9:20]
Approx. 15 min
A celebration of the not-so-happy ways in which we persevere, grow and change. Told through story, song and dark humor, Everything is okay will explore the use of lying as a coping mechanism and the countless ways it heals and hurts us equally.
Performers: Sean Booker, Chelsea Jordan Cannon, Luke Brett & Melissa Crum

Mira La Mer | Cassandra West, Catapult Artist / Nord Fellow [7:40]
Approx. 80 min
Mira La Mer is a folk-tale based play that follows a young woman who is gifted with a voice to soothe sea monsters. The story details her journey through a tumultuous world as she navigates her power.
Director: Maura Krause | Composer: Eric Gonzalez | Performers: Dayshawnda Ash, Bill Hoffman, Inés Joris, Nathan Lilly, Meg Martinez, Jack Schmitt, Rebecca Riffle-Polito & Olivia Scicolone

4 – fefu’s Kitchen

The Family Claxon | Eric Coble, Catapult Artist / Nord Fellow [7:10]
Approx. 100 min
All Andrew, Evette and Catie Claxon want is to help Grandad Claxon celebrate his 150th birthday. That, and help all the neighbors who keep desperately flooding into their home because of nearby rampages and plumbing explosions. And did we mention the Korean Flu that makes house-pets spontaneously combust?  An insane romp into the absurdity of life in our communally duct-taped home.
Director: Sarah Greywitt | Performers: Wesley Allen, Liz Conway, Rachel Lee Kolis, Doug Kusak, Colleen Longshaw*, Brian Pedaci, John J. Polk, Sherrie Tolliver & Hillary Wheelock

(*Actor appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.)

5 – Storefront Studio Stage

Change of Course | Justin Glanville [7:10]
Approx. 90 min
When an affable but vaguely dissatisfied young gay man meets a younger female boxer, he almost obsessively seeks out her friendship and training to provide him with new direction and purpose in life. But after launching an ill-fated crowdfunding campaign to save her father’s gym from financial ruin, he learns some hard lessons about friendship – and himself.
Director: Tom Kondilas | Performers: Jameka Dent, Elaine Feagler, Tim Keo, Bob Kilpatrick, Felicita Sanchez & Eric Sever

6 – cabaret

Noonday | Cathleen O’Malley & Lauren Joy Fraley with Renee Schilling [7:15, 9:15]
Approx. 15 min
On an otherwise unremarkable day, the furniture starts moving… and What’s Been Hiding Under the Table (or in a bowl of breakfast cereal) might turn a woman’s world upside down.
Conceived & Directed by: Cathleen O’Malley | Co-Created by: Cathleen O’Malley, Lauren Joy Fraley & Renee Schilling | Performers: Lauren Joy Fraley & Renee Schilling

You could shoot the sun, but we would all be blind | Six of Twelve [7:45]
Approx. 20 min
Six of Twelve is a youth performance poetry troupe comprised of six high school youth and young adults from Twelve Literary and Performative Arts Incubator. Their collection of poems is interwoven with choreographed movement, song and recorded music.
Coach: James Brandon Irby | Poets: Mary Barrett, Taylor Benford, Sidney Berry, DeJohn Hardges, Shaquiel Lynn, Deija Vinson & Tiana Wilson | Director: Daniel Gray-Kontar

How Blood Go | Lisa Langford [8:25]
Approx. 25 min
What do the Revolutionary War, a mining town in Macon County, Alabama and a visit to the doctor have in common? How Blood Go explores the tense and sometimes exploitative relationship between African Americans and health care throughout history.
Performers: Ananias Dixon & Maya Jones | Director: Jimmie Woody

7 – James Levin Theatre

To be healthy: a work-in-progress | Jaclyn Vogel [7:15, 9:20]
Approx. 20 min
This work-in-progress performance follows 5 American women living in varying areas of America as they deal with the different sides of our nation’s healthcare system and their own mortality.
Performers: Courtney Nicole Auman, Kaila Benford, Khadiyah DeSilva, Jocelyn Laracuente & Molly McFadden | Advisor: Beth Wood

Saturated Fat | Meredith L. King [7:50]
Approx. 30 min
Saturated Fat is an original theatrical spectacle inspired by real-life experiences, as shared through the Twitter-verse, to explore fatness, connection and visibility. Designed as a moving ‘zine, Saturated Fat uses sound, movement and story to remix and rethink what it means to own, claim, and find power in a fat body.
Conceived & Directed by: Meredith L. King, devised by Meredith L. King, Sam Dee, Nici Romo & Abigail Anika Svigelj

Set Fire and Start Again | Carrie Williams [8:45]
Approx. 20 min
Existential dread… we all feel it. How do we cope with it? What do you do when you realize that who you’ve become is not who you want to be? How do you redefine your place in the world? Set Fire and Start Again navigates these questions while exploring what it means to be a woman in America.
Writer/Director: Carrie Williams | Performers: Ryan Edlinger, David Hansen, Sarah Kunchik, Shelley Nixon & Lisa Wiley | Dramaturg: Arwen Mitchell

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