Featuring new work by local and national artists.

January 18, 2018 - January 20, 2018

Doors & Lounge open at 6:15pm. Performances begin at 7:00pm, Thu/Fri/Sat, CPT Campus, multiple venues.

$15 for one-day pass, $20 for the full weekend. ($5 off students & seniors.)

Grab a pass and step into a festival-like atmosphere of raw art-in-progress. Entry Point is a platform for artists to develop their work in the early stages of creation, and then share that work with the public in a festival forum. Entry Point activities include staged readings, short excerpts from works-in-progress, guest panel discussions, and facilitated feedback between artists and audience after every showing. New Play Development.

Free Beer Thursday, Friday & Saturday!

Entry Point features works-in-progress by Molly Andrews-Hinders; Lucy Biederman; William James Burke; Melissa Crum & Caitlin Lewins; Lauren Joy Fraley; David Hansen & Chennelle Bryant-Harris; Faye Hargate; James Ijames; Meredith L. King; Michael Rohd, Sojourn Theatre, & Collaborators; Renee Schilling; Darius Stubbs; Tecia Delores Wilson; Jimmie Woody.

Plan your weekend!

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Announcing Two FREE afternoon panel discussions

Saturday, January 20 at 2:00pm & 3:30pm

Engage with guest speakers whose work is shaping the national theatre field.
Panel topics include Activism and Audience Interaction and Getting Better as an Artist.

Pictured (from left): Leila Buck – photo by Meredith Zimmerman, Eric Coble – photo by Betsy Molnar, James Ijames – photo by Beowulf Sheehan, Maura Krause – photo by Plate 3 Photography plate3.com, Michael Rohd – photo courtesy of sojourntheatre.org, Tamilla Woodard – photo by Emma Pratte.

[2:00] Activism and Audience Interaction

A discussion about breaking the fourth wall while building empathy and understanding.

Leila Buck – Performer & Playwright – American Dreams
Michael Rohd – Sojourn Theatre Artistic Director, Conceiver, & Director – How to End Poverty
Tamilla Woodard – Co-Founder, PopUP Theatrics, Co-Developer & Director – American Dreams

Moderated by Raymond Bobgan, CPT Executive Artistic Director

[3:30] Getting Better as an Artist

Three artists share their experience with confronting the challenges of our craft.

Eric Coble – Playwright, 16/17 Nord Family Foundation Catapult Fellow
James Ijames – Playwright, InterAct Theatre Company
Maura Krause – Artistic Director of Orbiter 3

Moderated by Caitlin Lewins, CPT Director of Audience Engagement & Media Relations,
Co-Creator & Performer –
Everything is okay (and other helpful lies)

Click here to learn more about the panelists.

Watch the Entry Point 2017 Video

Click here or on the image above to watch the video from Entry Point 2017.


Entry Point features 6 stages…

1 – East Storefront

history of walking | James Ijames [Friday 7:10, Saturday 7:10 (Full Length)]
Approx. 90 min
In the midst of a presidential election, the messiah returns, bombs explode, and a conservative radio host becomes a prophet.
Supported by the National New Play Network in Partnership with Kitchen Dog Theater (Dallas) & InterAct Theatre Company (Philadelphia).
Director: Beth Wood | Performers: Davis Aguila, Ashley Aquilla, Leilani Barrett, Ryan Edlinger, Doug Kusak, Abraham McNeil Adams, Mary-Francis Renee Miller

The Mint Play | William James Burke [Thursday 7:10 (Full Length)]
Approx. 90 min
An absurdist piece inspired by the chaos theory, The Mint Play is a series of strange loops—people reaching, craving, embarking, and closing loops of connection.
Director: Ismael Lara | Performers: Samantha A. Camp, Brianna DeRosa, Gordon Hinchen, Lynna Metrisin, Jackson Pollock, Meredith Aleigha Wells, Marc Zeale

2 – Fefu’s Kitchen

When the She’ll Broke | Faye Hargate [Friday 7:30, Saturday 7:30]
A brief glimpse inside an ongoing performance research project exploring American female identity.
Director & Designer: Faye Hargate | Assistant Designer: Joan Hargate | Performers: Krystal Sierra, Dezhanay Simmons, Anastasia Urozhaeva | Special Thanks: Raymond Bobgan

3 – Storefront Studio

Emergence | Molly Andrews-Hinders [Thursday 9:10, Friday 7:15, Saturday 7:15]
Approx. 25 min
Emergence calls us to question the way we challenge limiting beliefs. How do we become our own heroes and set ourselves free?
Composer & Music Director: Molly Andrews-Hinders | Performers: Kristy Cruz, Colleen McCaughey | Guitarist: Mo Dugger

Everything is okay (and other helpful lies) | Melissa Crum & Caitlin Lewins, 16/17 Nord Family Foundation Catapult Fellows [Thursday 7:15, Friday 8:00 (Full Length)]
Approx. 90 min
In this dark musical comedy, friendships are challenged, buddies die, and everybody drinks. Cheers.
Music Director: Tim Moon | Performers: Luke Brett, Roderick S. Cardwell II, Melissa Crum, Madelyn Hayes, Elizabeth Kelly, Caitlin Lewins

The Mint Play | William James Burke [Saturday 8:00 (Full Length)]
Approx. 90 min
See Stage 1: East Storefront for full description.

4 – Cabaret

Fingers and Toes | Renee Schilling [Thursday 9:30, Friday 8:20, Friday 9:20, Saturday 7:15]
Approx. 15 min
Follow Kate through the underworld (via an emergency C-section), as she meets with long-forgotten ancestors and comes to blows with her recently deceased mother.
Director: Renee Schilling | Dramaturg: Emily Pucell Czarnota | Performers: Laurel Hoffman, Anne McEvoy, Carrie Williams

Tale of Jiminirising | Jimmie Woody [Thursday 7:20, Thursday 8:25, Saturday 8:15, Saturday 9:20]
Approx. 15 min
A theatrical memoir combining poetry, hip hop, and digital storytelling about figuring out how to be a man in the ever-changing landscape of what masculinity means in America.
Director: Sheffia Randall Dooley | Performer: Jimmie Woody

The Lost Diary | David Hansen & Chennelle Bryant-Harris [Thursday 7:50, Thursday 8:55, Friday 7:45]
Approx. 20 min
In the not-too-distant future, white nationalists have declared Holy War, a massive terrorist attack has occurred in D.C., and an injured man must rely on the care of a mysterious woman.
Director: Kelly Elliott | Performers: Bianca McElroy, David Obney

Wryneck | Lauren Joy Fraley [Friday 7:15, Friday 8:50, Saturday 7:45, Saturday 8:45]
Approx. 15 min
A bird flies across geographical and psychological spaces through Morse code-like patterns, stirring the reality of individual women in separate lives.
Music Co-Creators: Brian Bacon, Lauren Joy Fraley | Performers: Katherine Nash, Hillary Wheelock

5 – James Levin Theatre

4 Veils: An Essay | Lucy Biederman [Friday 7:40, Friday 9:20, Saturday 7:40, Saturday 8:40]
Approx. 15 min
A musical essay-in-performance exploring veils in a 12 step program, at a minister’s pulpit, on President Trump’s face, in a Garfield comic strip.
Director: Kat Martin | Performers: Joshua McElroy, Jessica Toltzis

Bipolar Mixtape | Meredith L. King [Thursday 7:15, Friday 8:10, Saturday 9:10]
Approx. 25 min
What would 24 hours in the life of a bipolar black woman in a community of neurotypicals look like? Bipolar Mixtape invites the audience to step inside a wildly creative bipolar mind.
Director & Original Music Composer: Meredith L. King | Performers: Tanera Hutz, Courtney D. Love, Shannon Ashley Sharkey, Brenton Sullivan | Musician: Zach Palumbo

Lie Away Sleeping | Tecia Delores Wilson [Thursday 7:55, Thursday 8:55, Friday 7:10, Friday 8:50]
Approx. 15 min
This is not her first pregnancy, and something feels… off. A mother-to-be battles depression and waves of emotion she has never experienced before.
Director: Tecia Delores Wilson | Choreographer: Donald Isom | Performers: Kaila Benford, Deja Conner

Mother Eve’s Burden from Black Magic | Darius Stubbs [Thursday 8:25, Thursday 9:25, Saturday 7:10, Saturday 8:10]
Approx. 15 min
What is inside the box labeled “Black woman,” what does it mean to be eternal mother and sexual fetish, a queen and a slave, and the perpetual sacrifice to the god called “The American Dream?”
Created with & Performed by: Maya Jones, Terah L’nae McGowan, Samantha V. Richards

6 – Gordon Square Theatre

How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes | Michael Rohd, Sojourn Theatre, & Collaborators [Thursday 7:10, 7:50, 8:30]
Approx. 20 min
Sojourn Theatre invites you to be a part of the process as they prepare for their run at CPT (Jan 24-28). As a small test audience, you’ll give performers a chance to refine facilitation strategies that exist within the full production.
Presenting Sponsor: United Way of Greater Cleveland | Performers & Facilitators: Sojourn Theatre Ensemble Artists – Bobby Bermea,* Jono Eiland, Soneela Nankani,* Sara Sawicki, Alejandro Tey, Nik Zaleski & Cleveland Artists – Wes Allen, Ananias J. Dixon, Tim Keo, Cathleen O’Malley | *Actor appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Entry Point 2018 Creators

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Entry Point in Cleveland Scene

“It’s a high-energy environment, and everyone has a great time… We approach this like it’s a festival. We sell passes for each evening or for the three-day weekend, and our bars are open so people can get the refreshments they want.” – Raymond Bobgan, CPT Executive Artistic Director

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NNPN Cross-Pollination Project And Entry Point

Cleveland Public Theatre is delighted to be a part of National New Play Network (NNPN)’s Cross-Pollination program, a local playwright trade between CPT, InterActTheatre Company (Philadelphia), and Kitchen Dog Theatre (Dallas). As part of Entry Point, James Ijames has joined us from InterAct Theatre Company to present a workshop/reading of his play history of waking.

Click here to read more about the NNPN Cross-Pollination project in American Theatre.

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