Week #4: Oberlin Dance Project & Marquez Dance Project (Double Bill)

June 07, 2018 - June 09, 2018

7:30pm, Thu/Fri/Sat, Gordon Square Theatre.

1 hour and 35 min with an intermission

Every year, Cleveland Public Theatre welcomes Northeast Ohio’s most adventurous contemporary dance companies to the Gordon Square Theatre stage for five weeks of single and double bill performances. DanceWorks Week 4 features work created by Oberlin Dance Project and Marquez Dance Project.

See below for full show description and company bios.

The Gordon Square Theatre is ADA compliant featuring a ramped entrance and an all gender, wheelchair accessible restroom.

Tickets: $12-30.

Double Bill Weekend


Oberlin Dance Project

Forgone Territory

Forgone Territory uncovers the shadow side of the sharing age. What is private when technology increasingly infiltrates personal lives? Interweaving text, movement, and music, Oberlin Dance Project examines the conflicting desire to be seen coupled with the fear of being exposed.

Choreographed by Alysia Ramos and Nathan Trice in collaboration with the performers

Performed by Alysia Ramos, Nathan Trice, Kara Nepomuceno, Kierra Nguyen, Tyus Southern, Niko Thomashow, and Kalei Tooman

About Oberlin Dance Project
Oberlin Dance Project is a project-by-project dance company that brings together guest artists, professional dancers, and highly skilled college dancers to collaborate on original and interdisciplinary dance theatre works.

About Alysia Ramos
Choreographer, dancer, and teaching artist Alysia Ramos has performed nationally and internationally with a diverse roster of companies and choreographers including Gabri Christa/Danzaisa, Nathan Trice/Rituals, INSPIRIT a dance company, Niles Ford/Urban Dance Collective, Sing Sing Rhythms, and Kotchegna Drum and Dance, as well as for her own company, the Mezclado (mixed) Movement Group, which she led from 2003-2007. Additionally, Alysia apprenticed with companies Danzabierta and Danza Contemporanea de Cuba in Havana and traveled to Senegal where she performed with a family of Wolof griots throughout Dakar, including sharing the stage with African music legend Youssou N’dour. Alysia continues to be an active member in Burnt Sugar/Danz, a who’s who of NY-based choreographers who come together to perform conducted improvisation with live conducted music by the band Burnt Sugar. After completing her MFA at the University of Utah in 2014, Alysia founded IRIA productions with Liz Ivkovich to create and present original works of immersive dance theatre within vital living landscapes in Salt Lake City. She also performed as an independent artist and with the Afro-Brazilian Dance and Music company Samba Fogo. Currently, Alysia Ramos is on faculty at Oberlin College as an Assistant Professor of Dance. Her work focuses on new approaches to modern dance centered on self-expression as a response to embodied experiences encountered in the global age, with a specific emphasis on hybrid, intercultural, and transnational movement practices. alysiaramos.com

About Nathan Trice
Nathan Trice is the artistic director/founder of nathantrice/RITUALS, a project-by-project dance theatre company based in New York City since 1998. His company has toured nationally and internationally conducting performances, workshops, residencies, and master classes. Nathan’s projects explore a variety of topics and themes around intimacy and love, identity and philosophy, and various contributions and experiences of women. Critics have described his work as innovative, thought-provoking, and otherworldly; art that reflects and touches the core of the human experience. Nathan has served on faculty at Long Island University dance department for 10 years, as well LaGuardia High school’s dance department for four years, and has been commissioned by numerous universities, performing arts high schools, and professional dance companies. He is also one of the three founding members of the organizing team ACRE (Artists Co-creating Real Equity), a New York-based group of artists and cultural workers committed to organizing for racial equity in arts and culture. For more on Nathan Trice, visit: nathantricerituals.com

Main image credit (left): John Seyfried


Marquez Dance Project

Ripple Effect

Using theatrical, physical, and often surreal imagery, Marquez Dance Project presents a series of vignettes exploring the delicate balance between discord and harmony, the significance of cultural identity, and the power of oneness.

About Marquez Dance Project
Marquez Dance Project (MDP) explores human complexity through a creative lens. The intention behind our work is to recapture moments that speak to the community by raising questions about what is happening within our society, and challenging individuals to mobilize. We incorporate theatrical, physical, and often surreal imagery to generate meaningful and provoking works. Dance is the central component, however we collaborate with other artists from different genres. Making these connections enriches the breadth of the work and allows a broader range of artistic investigation. marquezdanceproject.org

Facebook |  facebook.com/marquezdanceproject
Vimeo | vimeo.com/user5053865

Main image credit (right): Carly Vanderheyden

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