Global Teen Performance Project: Found in Flight

Produced by Cleveland Public Theatre in partnership with Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Created by Global Teen Performance Project ensemble & Cleveland Public Theatre teaching artists.

March 14, 2019 - March 15, 2019

7:00pm, Thu/Fri, James Levin Theatre.

30 min

Free, $5 suggested donation

Teenagers from different corners of the world arrive at the airport ready to travel the globe, reunite with family, and make a new home. Flight delays and changing plans compel the travelers to reach out for help and find community in the kindness of strangers. In sharing their personal stories, they find they are not alone despite traveling to an unfamiliar country and being separated from family. Found in Flight, an original performance based on the experiences of 12 international teenagers from 7 countries, is a story of finding footing, forging new pathways, and discovering the power of friendship and family. Global Teen Performance Project participants risk by sharing their path while uncovering commonality as they look to each other for guidance and community.

Global Teen Performance Project Ensemble: Abdi Hakim Abdi, Ikran Abdi, Maryan Abdi, Amena Ahmadi, Mohamed Ali, Carlos Cotto, Mina Khan, Mustafa Khan, Christine Mukamisha, Intisar Musa

Contributing Student Artists: Urmila Gurung & Lenny Ramirez, with Meena Halim, Shabeer Halim, Aduk Machok

The James Levin Theatre is ADA compliant featuring a patron elevator and an all gender, wheelchair accessible restroom.

Co-Director & Program Manager Adam Seeholzer
Co-Director Lexy Lattimore
Assistant Director Anastasía Urozhaeva
Costume & Scenic Designer Inda Blatch-Geib
Set Construction Val Kozlenko

About Global Teen Performance Project

Found in Flight features original stories and performances created by Global Teen Performance Project, students from Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy, ages 14-19. This performance is the culmination of a rigorous and collaborative after-school rehearsal process between students and CPT teaching artists, with the support and involvement of the school’s teachers and staff. Together they have created an original work of theatre based on the students’ stories and cultures, and their experiences as newcomers in the U.S. Global Teen Performance Project seeks to enhance cross-cultural understanding among a diverse group of international teens and their new Cleveland community.

Special thanks to Councilpersons: Kerry McCormack, Jasmin Santana, and Matt Zone.

Very special thanks to: CMSD CEO Eric S. Gordon and staff; Principal Marisol Burgos, Assistant Principal Jennifer Rhone, Assistant Principal Christa Jemison, Assistant Principal Lennox Thompson, Dean of Engagement Kaleb Garcia, Guidance Counselor Maria Bozak, TJINA Teaching, Facilities, and Security Staff including Ms. Bode, Ms. Cameron, Mr. Carlson, Ms. Gilchrist, Ms. Harper, School Secretary Lucy Torres, and Custodian Jared; Chris Seibert; and the parents and families of the cast including Sandy Rodriguez, Selsela Ahmadi, Zahra Ali Hassin, Hamdi Diriye.

Special thanks to: the entire high school student body who participated in a series of workshops, contributing their talents in the creation of this work.

Thanks to our program partners