[CANCELED] Week 2: Shri Kalaa Mandir & MorrisonDance (Double Bill)

April 09, 2020 - April 11, 2020

7:30pm, Thu/Fri/Sat, Gordon Square Theatre.

Every year, Cleveland Public Theatre welcomes Northeast Ohio's most adventurous contemporary dance companies to CPT's Gordon Square Theatre stage for four weeks of single and double bill performances. DanceWorks Week 2 features work created by Shri Kalaa Mandir & MorrisonDance.

The Gordon Square Theatre is ADA compliant featuring a ramped entrance and an all gender, wheelchair accessible restroom.

Standard Price (Thursday): $15
Standard Price (Friday, Saturday): $25

Content Warning: DanceWorks is a presented series, which means we don’t always know the content entirely. CPT supports art in development, as well as social justice oriented-work, and sensitive material may be explored. Because of the nature of art in development, we can’t provide additional content warnings for DanceWorks performances.

The DanceWorks 2020 series is canceled. Click here for up-to-date information about CPT programming.


Shri Kalaa Mandir

SAMAYAM – A Moment in Eternity

Shri Kalaa Mandir unites traditional classical Indian movements with innovative choreography to transform music into movement as they explore the different facets of time. As moments march on, time provides perspectives, leaving permanent footprints and defining our very existence.

About Shri Kalaa Mandir
Founded by Sujatha Srinivasan in 1993, Shri Kalaa Mandir (Center for Indian Performing Arts) offers students holistic training in Bharathanatyam that encompasses culture, knowledge of music, critical thinking, and adherence to the classical dance form and technique. Taking stage at various venues across the globe, talented young artists of SKM transcend barriers of tradition, language, and scholarship to develop and showcase their nuanced understanding of the intricacies of Bharathanatyam. Year after year, they bring home top awards from major dance competitions. Senior students of Shri Kalaa Mandir are the front-runners in the next generation of the North American Bharathanatyam scene. @skmDance

Sujatha Srinivasan is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and teacher of Bharathanatyam in North America. As a living connection to an ancient art form, she brings creative compositions to life with dynamic rhythm, evocative mime, and inimitable choreography. Classical and vibrant, her dance productions and collaborations reflect a wide range of themes from traditional to modern with emphasis on creativity, content, and relevance. As an arts educator, she brings meaningful connection between art and education in Northeast Ohio schools through the Center for Arts Inspired Learning. Sujatha has nurtured and trained the next generation of dancers, successfully establishing the continuity of a traditional art form from India in Cleveland.

Work samples

Main image credit (top): Srini Ranganathan



In this surreal collection of dances, MorrisonDance digs into the human psyche, exploring Jungian archetypes, myths, and fables. archeTYPICAL is a captivating collage of dance delving into the human mind and behavior.

About MorrisonDance
For over 20 years, MorrisonDance has integrated the art of movement within cross-disciplinary collaborations, continuously challenging the traditional understanding of dance. The small non-profit dance company gets its unique strength from performers trained in a variety of movement arts willing to stretch their abilities through presentations in alternative venues and through experimental presentations combining nature, technology, and other artistic disciplines. MorrisonDance works to create viscerally aesthetic presentations and has developed unique creative partnerships with organizations such as BrainMaster and NASA, allowing them to explore new marriages between art and science. With over 50 original creations, MorrisonDance has been honored by the Robert Rauschenberg foundation, Ohio Arts Council, and OhioDance.  This is no ordinary dance company.

The mission of MorrisonDance is to inspire and cultivate public awareness of the art of dance through performances and cross-disciplinary collaborations.  To provide, promote, and participate in educational and outreach programs that increase the awareness of dance and that encourage community cultural and artistic endeavors; to research and develop integrated and cross-disciplinary teaching and presentation methods for dance; and to create opportunities for artists and performers of various media, augmenting the accessibility of dance as a performing art. morrisondance.com

Facebook | facebook.com/MorrisonDance
Vimeo | vimeo.com/MorrisonDance

YouTube | youtube.com/morrisondance

Main image credit (bottom): Scott Radke