Freeing the Spine—an online workshop with Molly Andrews-Hinders

May 23, 2020

11:00am-12:30pm (ET)

16 virtual spots available
Workshop: $1
Suggested Donation: $1 to $99

The deliberate practice of co-creating with the unknown is the holy work of an artist. When we dig into the unknown landscapes within our bodies and seek to grow holistic body consciousness, we mirror and bolster the creative work of an artist. Join Molly as she leads a workshop aiming to free the spine, encourage consciousness in the dialogue with our bodies, and invite resilience and longevity in the body, which will promote resilience and longevity within our creative life journeys.

A large portion of this workshop will be movement-based. Molly will lead participants through a series of exercises and correlating visualizations that will offer new ways to approach working within the body. Specifically, we will be working to build strength and flexibility in our spine and from our center. We will cover functional anatomy as it relates to each exercise. We will also spend time writing and sharing as a group.

We are seeking a workshop class with diverse backgrounds and body histories. This will be appropriate for those who are both beginner movers and those who consider themselves athletic or advanced. The class will be limited to 16 participants.

You will need the following to participate:

  • A device to connect you to the Zoom meeting (phone or computer)—something that can be propped up without assistance from you
  • A mat, blanket, or other ground covering, so that you would be comfortable sitting or lying on the floor
  • 6x6’ square, floor space to move in—if it’s less, that’s ok—we can make it work!
  • Paper or journal and pen/pencil

Thank you for your interest in this workshop. Registration is now closed.

About Molly Andrews-Hinders

Molly Andrews-Hinders has been a movement practitioner for over seven years. In addition to her movement training as part of the Professional Actor Training Program at Wright State University, Molly is certified in both mat and machine Pilates through Body Technic System, an international physical therapy and performance arts clinic. She has taught at several studios throughout the Cleveland area. Molly employs her movement training in each of her creative processes, as performer, director, or creator, and especially when she’s working with her ensemble.