DanceWorks Part 2 – Week 3: Mojuba! Dance Collective

May 04, 2023 - May 06, 2023

7:00pm, Thu/Fri/Sat, Gordon Square Theatre

EVERY TICKET is “Choose What You Pay” and will be offered online, over the phone, and at the Box Office.


Every year, Cleveland Public Theatre welcomes Northeast Ohio's most adventurous contemporary dance companies to the CPT stage for remarkable and premiere dance performances. DanceWorks Part 2 - Week 3 feature work created by Mojuba!Dance Collective.

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Content Warning: DanceWorks is a presented series, which means we don’t always know the content entirely. CPT supports art in development, as well as social justice oriented-work, and sensitive material may be explored. Because of the nature of art in development, we can’t provide additional content warnings for DanceWorks performances.

The Gordon Square Theatre is ADA compliant featuring a ramped entrance and an all gender, wheelchair accessible restroom.

Where the light enters

“Don’t turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place.
That’s where the light enters you.”
― Rumi

The work of transmuting trauma into triumph is an arduous, yet daily task for Black women. A celebration of the resiliency of the human spirit, Where the Light Enters is a demonstration of the power of choosing self-love, the promise of discovering connection and community, and hope which is catapulted by undying faith. It is a rallying cry for all of us to find our peace amongst the broken pieces.

About Mojuba! Dance Collective

Mojuba! Dance Collective (MDC) is an African contemporary dance company and platform dedicated to exploring spiritual and cultural dance traditions of the African Diaspora to restore community wellness, share and validate the Black narrative experience, and reestablish cultural connection.

‘Mojuba’ is a Yoruba term which loosely means the art of offering reverence. In this way, we seek to celebrate, preserve and explore the narratives and artistic contributions of Black America.

The vision of Mojuba! Dance Collective is rooted in the promotion of cultural awareness, collective wellness, and the restoration of community. We strive to call into question that which we think about ourselves, our society, and our culture. It is our great pleasure to preserve and explore Black cultural identity as we challenge the mainstream.