Tease The Season: Burlesque Holiday Spectacular

Produced by Cleveland Burlesque

December 07, 2023 - December 10, 2023

7:30pm Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun, Gordon Square Theatre

For this production, we offer three ticketing options:

  1. Reserved Table: Priced at $300, this option includes seating for four guests at your table. Along with your table reservation, you'll receive a complimentary bottle of wine and a swag bag.

    Note* When purchasing a table, ensure you select all four seats before proceeding otherwise the order will not process.

  2. Reserved Seating: At $60 each, these assigned seats are close to the stage; and you can choose specific seats in that section, and swag.
  3. General Admission: As part of our commitment to accessibility, we offer a "Choose What You Pay" option for General Admission tickets that range from $1 to $40 with no handling fees.

Select the option that suits you best and join us for an unforgettable performance!

All showings of "Tease The Season: Burlesque Holiday Spectacular" are sold out! We're now offering a waitlist for general admissions. To join, visit the CPT box office in person starting at 6 pm tonight. Please fill out your name, desired number of tickets, and provide a contact number. If you're hesitant about sharing a phone number, arrive by 7:15 pm for a ticket availability update. Released tickets, if any, will be sold in waitlist order. If you're not present or miss the call, we'll proceed to the next person. While we'll make While we'll make every effort, ticket availability is not guaranteed. Thank you for your interest in "Tease The Season: Burlesque Holiday Spectacular!" 


An adults-only evening of burlesque, drag, aerials, live singers, comedy, and … more burlesque.

Featuring: Agata Why, Bella Sin, Betty Abbdum, Heather & Lace, Hilde Haschenbetty , Holly Grail, Jared Jameson, Jessica Lewis, Lady J Davenport, Lady Slay, Lakota Shekhar, Lola Loveletter, Onya Nurve, Pandora Fox, Poundcake, Rose Faluda, Ruby Rabbit, Veranda L'Ni, Worldbuilders Improv 

Emcee - Ken Schneck  

The Cleveland Burlesque Academy Class of Winter 2023  

This show is for 18+ only.
Content warning: This show contains flashing lights, which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy. Additionally, the production will use haze and fake snow.

The Gordon Square Theatre is ADA-compliant featuring a ramped entrance and an all-gender, wheelchair accessible restroom.

The Creative Production Team Includes:

Producer: Cleveland Burlesque
Technical Director: Joshua Smith
Stage Manager: Brianna Kean
Set & Lighting Designer: Bryan Mravec & Gabe Kirik
Creative Production Consultant: Heather & Lace

Remarkable Rating:

About Cleveland Burlesque:

Cleveland Burlesque, a celebrated and long-running show in Ohio, was founded by Bella Sin in 2004. It quickly gained a following for its unique and entertaining performances, while prioritizing inclusivity for all performers. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the city’s most popular shows, blending classic and modern burlesque. Cleveland Burlesque has won numerous awards and accolades and continues to prioritize performers and the art of burlesque, promoting body positivity and inclusivity. Bella Sin and Co-Producer Bryan Mravec, along with the talented performers, have made it one of the most beloved burlesque shows in the country. Learn more at: clevelandburlesque.com

About Bella Sin:

Image Churkh Photography

Bella Sin, known locally as the “Cleveland Burlesque Queen,” is a multi-award-winning performer and producer that has gained widespread recognition for their efforts in revitalizing the burlesque scene in Cleveland. They have been featured in multiple news outlets, both locally and nationally, for contributions to the art form and her efforts in creating a supportive community for burlesque performers in the city. Their innovative and inclusive approach to burlesque has drawn in performers from all backgrounds and experiences and has helped to elevate Cleveland as a hub for burlesque entertainment. Through their work, Bella Sin has become a leading figure in the burlesque community and a powerful advocate for the art form’s continued growth and evolution.