About Previews

This season, CPT is expanding the role of previews in developing our work, and will be introducing longer preview periods for several of our shows, including Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play.

What is a preview?

Preview performances are a set of public performances that take place before the official opening of a production. Between preview weekend and opening, the cast and crew continue to rehearse, work and rework the show, with the freedom to make changes up until opening night.

The structure to test out work in front of a live audience before calling it “done” is common practice at many theatres and for good reason – previews allow us to deepen our craft and to get better at what we do.

Why should I see a preview performance?

Preview performances may not have the polish of a production that is fully cooked but they do have a unique sense of immediacy and rawness. You get to see the show before anyone else (including press). And you will bear witness to the risks and glories of a work-in-process. ENJOY!