Archives by Day: June 23, 2023

Cleveland Public Theatre announces Auditions for the World Premiere of Our Lady of Common Sorrows

Written & Directed by: Jaiie Dayo-Aliya  

Looking to cast the following roles…

Aramis: A charismatic young black man in his twenties, exuding a contemporary urban vibe. With a smooth demeanor and a quick wit, he captivates others. Aramis is a cunning trickster, skillfully navigating life’s challenges with a mischievous charm that is both delightful and dangerous.

George: An aging man in his sixties, George carries a sense of wisdom and vulnerability. Time has weakened him physically, but he remains emotionally resilient. Despite his struggles, there is a lingering aura of past strength. George battles his demons with alcohol, finding solace and inspiration within its depths. He possesses the soul of a tormented poet.

Disclosure: Some roles in the production have been cast. The current cast includes: Cristal Christian, Ashley Aquilla, Kynnedy Stewart, LaShawn Little, Amy Spencer, & Isaiah Bett.  

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