Archives by Day: October 20, 2023

Cleveland Public Theatre/ Teatro Público de Cleveland announces Auditions for ALTER

By Tania Benites 

Directed by Kari Barclay 

Looking to cast the following roles…  

  • Narrator: (any race, female, any age); Narrator for the book “Hypnosis for Self-Confidence”.  
  • Maria: (Latinx, female, 20s-30s); A customer service representative who struggles with her sense of self. A quiet person in a loud world who feels pressure as only a daughter-of-immigrants could. Devours self-help books as a hobby. 
  • Trisha: (any race, female, any age); Maria’s co-worker and top seller at Kapow. The office “mean girl”. She is aggressive and knows how to make friends with the right people.  
  • Craig: (non-Latinx, male, 30s+); Customer service supervisor at Kapow whose main concern is driving sales numbers and meeting quotas. 
  • Figure: (Latinx, female, 20s-30s); Maria’s manifestation. She is the change that Maria thinks she needs. She is hungry for what she does not have and feels that she could do things better if given the opportunity. 
  • Steve: (any race, male, 20s-30s); IT technician at Kapow. Grounded and kind, perhaps a little nerdy. A good friend. 
  • Mom: (Latinx, female, 40s+); Maria’s mom. An immigrant. No stranger to sacrifice and hard work. While she expects a lot from her daughter, she loves just as fiercely. 

We are open to seeing both AEA and non-AEA actors for these auditions. 

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