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Cleveland Public Theatre Announces Auditions For the US premiere of the English translation Requiem

By Hanoch Levin
Translated by Leland Frankel and Lee Ishri
Directed by Raymond Bobgan
Starring Peter Lawson Jones as The Old Man

Seeking Jewish, Latiné, and MENA (Middle Eastern North African) performers for the following roles. 

  • The Old Woman: Wife of The Old Man, resilient, tolerant, stubborn, sick, resolved to her fate.  
  • The Prostitute with a Freckle & The Zuchini Shaped Drunk—Female identifying actor to play two roles in campy scenes as a female sex worker and a male drunk.  
  • The Medic: Think “urgent care nurse” in a village. 
  • Non-speaking ensemble roles that fill the play with movement and scenery.  

Much of the show has been pre-cast and we are only looking to fill these roles at this time. 

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Cleveland Public Theatre/ Teatro Público de Cleveland announces Auditions for Debut De Piezas Teatrales: Festival De Lectura

Featuring staged readings of

Pilar and Paloma by Milta Ortiz
Directed by Tania Benites

Grandeza by Ernesto Luna Camargo
Directed by Obed Medina

This event is a bilingual reading series that features two new works from the Latine community: Grandeza by Ernesto Luna Camargo, a founding member of Teatro Público de Cleveland and Pilar and Paloma by Milta Ortiz of Borderlands Theatre.

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Cleveland Public Theatre/ Teatro Público de Cleveland announces Auditions for ALTER

By Tania Benites 

Directed by Kari Barclay 

Looking to cast the following roles…  

  • Narrator: (any race, female, any age); Narrator for the book “Hypnosis for Self-Confidence”.  
  • Maria: (Latinx, female, 20s-30s); A customer service representative who struggles with her sense of self. A quiet person in a loud world who feels pressure as only a daughter-of-immigrants could. Devours self-help books as a hobby. 
  • Trisha: (any race, female, any age); Maria’s co-worker and top seller at Kapow. The office “mean girl”. She is aggressive and knows how to make friends with the right people.  
  • Craig: (non-Latinx, male, 30s+); Customer service supervisor at Kapow whose main concern is driving sales numbers and meeting quotas. 
  • Figure: (Latinx, female, 20s-30s); Maria’s manifestation. She is the change that Maria thinks she needs. She is hungry for what she does not have and feels that she could do things better if given the opportunity. 
  • Steve: (any race, male, 20s-30s); IT technician at Kapow. Grounded and kind, perhaps a little nerdy. A good friend. 
  • Mom: (Latinx, female, 40s+); Maria’s mom. An immigrant. No stranger to sacrifice and hard work. While she expects a lot from her daughter, she loves just as fiercely. 

We are open to seeing both AEA and non-AEA actors for these auditions. 

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CPT is seeking part-time Substitute Teaching Artists to assist in implementing CPT Education programming. Theatre experience is a plus. We are looking to build a strong core of artists who are dedicated to creating work to further racial and economic justice.

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