Iphigenia 2.0

Presented in partnership with Oberlin College Written by Charles Mee Directed by Matthew Wright

April 12, 2012 - April 28, 2012

7:30pm, Gordon Square Theatre

95 minutes, No Intermission

How fresh can a 2,400-year-old story be? "Iphigenia 2.0", Charles Mee's striking update on Euripides' "Iphigenia at Aulis" is a surprising reflective of contemporary American tabloid culture, complete with paparazzi! Staged in modern times, this tragedy chronicles a military leader who must decide if he will sacrifice his daughter to legitimize his decision to go to war. 

Tickets: $10-$25


The Creative Production Team Includes:

Holly Handman-Lopez - Choreographer Inda Blatch Gieb - Set and Costume Designer Richard B. Ingraham - Sound Designer Keith B Nagy - Lighting Designer Laura Cornwall - Stage Manager Briell Ervin - Assistant Stage Manager Laura Cornwall - Dramaturg Michael Roesch - Technical Director Dred Gieb, Flora Csejtey - Props Mike Shepley, Dred Geib, Flora Csejtey, Mike Geib - Set Crew JR Easterly, Dan Simpson - Lighting Crew Gwen Brown - Costume Crew

Featuring Heather Anderson Boll, Ali Bianchi, Hayden Gilbert, Andrew Gombas, Hallie Haas, Llewie Nunez, David Ohana, Ellie Philips, Aaron Profumo, Aily Roper, Marina Shay, Andy Sold, Nicholas Sweeney, Lillian White, Tom Woodward*, Colin Wulff
*Member Actors’ Equity Association