Week #3: F*** Me, Love Me, Aphrodite and Black Virgins are Not for Hipsters

January 22, 2015 - January 24, 2015

7:00pm, James Levin Theatre


The centerpiece of CPT’s season, Big Box provides local artists with the opportunity to create and produce new work. Over seven weeks, Big Box includes ten world-premiere workshop performances of theatre, dance and genre-defying performances. Cleveland Public Theatre is proud to support and foster the work of area artists in this unique program. Artists are given keys to The James Levin Theatre and the freedom to transform the space for the presentation of their work.


F*** Me, Love Me, Aphrodite

Created and Performed by Chris Seibert, with Darius Stubbs and Adam Seeholzer

A thwarted artist takes the stage after…a preemptive stint in rehab? …hiding out from a particularly pervie ex-boyfriend? Regardless, she is back; and compelled to stalk the dive bar she believes is blessed by the Goddess of Love.  F*** Me, Love Me, Aphrodite mixes stand-up, slap-stick, indie/punk solo sets and karaoke in a story about loving and f*cking and—no matter how it turns out—loving life.

Featuring Chris Seibert, Adam Seeholzer, Darius Stubbs

Chris Seibert is a devising theatre artist, playwright, director and educator. Her work depicts the conflicted and complex nature of our inner lives, outward identity and evolving sexuality. Recent CPT performances include American Falls (Samantha), Ancestra (Co-Author/Cora), Air Waves (Daryl/Queen Bee). Currently she is the co-director of the annual CPT/Y-Haven Theatre Project, and has directed/co-created over 13 original plays with CPT’s Student Theatre Enrichment Program STEP. She is a 2010 Creative Workforce Fellow and has been a staff member of Cleveland Public Theatre since 2001.

Darius Stubbs is an actor, director, vocalist, playwright and poet. He has been collaborating with other Cleveland artists in the creation of original work since 2007. Some of Darius’ poetry was recently published in the Guide To Kulture Creative Journal #1. His most recent CPT writing credits include A Life Without (CPT/Y-Haven Theatre Project 2013) and El Beth-el (At-TEN-tion Span 2012). His most recent acting credits include American Falls, Airwaves and Rusted Heart Broadcast (CPT); Inoculations (Theatre Ninjas); and Comedy of Errors (Great Lakes Theatre).

Adam Seeholzer is a director, teacher and performer.  Acting credits include:  CPT’s Air Waves, Rusted Heart Broadcast, Open Mind Firmament, and The Other Shore; and Theatre Ninjas’ The Excavation and Woyzeck:  A Proper Murder. Most recently, he performed the role of Samuel in American Falls at CPT.  Adam is CPT Education Coordinator and has served as a Teaching Artist for Brick City Theatre, Assistant Director for STEP, and the Program Manager/Co-Director of the annual Y-Haven Theatre Project.

Black Virgins are Not for Hipsters

Created and Performed by Echo Brown
Directed by Scott Plate

A one-woman show about love and race in the Age of Colorblindness. Thanks to OkCupid, the rise of interracial dating, and the over population of hipster men in the Bay Area, it appears that Echo is close to finding a suitable life partner…until America’s racial demons threaten to stop her in her tracks.

Featuring Echo Brown
Developed with: David Ford, Scott Plate and Rebecca Fisher
Choreography advisors: Matrayi Saksena and Erica Piper

Echo Brown is a dynamic storyteller who uses story to inspire and transform. An Ivy League graduate from Cleveland, Ohio, Echo creates and performs stories that are texturized with emotional depth, purpose, and dynamism.

Prior to developing the show, Echo travelled the country as a facilitator for an award-­winning nonprofit that provides transformative workshops in high schools across the country. As a Challenge Day facilitator, Echo led workshops for 10,000+ people around the United States and Canada.

bb_14_web_610x908The goal of Big Box is to support new work and local artists.

CPT provides:
– The James Levin Theatre
– Basic production staff, stage management, box office support
– Marketing and advertising support

The artists provide the rest!

The writers, directors, actors, and designers selected for Big Box dedicate themselves to creating new and original work, or stretching their artistic powers by working in new disciplines.