Dream of Home (Workshop Production, 2018)

For information about the 2019 production of Dream of Home حلم وطن, click here.

Created by the Ensemble, Raymond Bobgan, & Faye Hargate.
Co-Directed by Raymond Bobgan & Faye Hargate.

November 30, 2018 - December 01, 2018

6:00pm @ Cleveland Public Theatre.

Dream of Home حلم وطن is about how we remember, seek, and create home, celebrating connections to our past heritage and sharing culture with the broader community. This work-in-progress production features Masrah Cleveland Al-Arabi ensemble artists performing their own personal stories. Masrah Cleveland Al-Arabi is a Cleveland Public Theatre new project by, for, and with Arabic-speaking communities. The ensemble of artists is open to all people who share a heritage from Arabic-speaking cultures and a curiosity and passion for theatre. Generous support provided by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art. The program is bilingual, presented in English and Arabic.

Tickets: $15

For all sold-out performances, you can arrive early and join our waiting list in the Box Office starting at 5:30pm.

The Creative PRoduction Team Includes

Raymond Bobgan – Producer
Faye Hargate – Line Producer
Jamal Julia Boudiab – Marketing Translation Consultant
Inda Blatch-Geib – Costume Designer


Abbas Alhilali, Issam Boudiab, Jamal Julia Boudiab, Ebaa Boudiab, Hussein Ghareeb, Omar Kurdi, Manar Yared, Haneen Yehya, with writing contributions by Nazek El Halabi Yehya


Jamila Alhaib, Abbas Alhilali, Alia Almashni, Pierre Bejjani, Joe Cimperman, Irene Farah, Michel Farah, Ahmad Hamo, Abdelghani Kitab, George Koussa, Omar Kurdi, Rebecca Mayhew, Leen Midani, Shirien Muntaser, Abed el-Rahman Tayyara, Ruth Tracy, Isam Zaiem

Masrah Cleveland Al-Arabi is generously supported by