Cleveland Public Theatre Announces Auditions For the US premiere of the English translation Requiem

By Hanoch Levin
Translated by Leland Frankel and Lee Ishri
Directed by Raymond Bobgan
Starring Peter Lawson Jones as The Old Man

Seeking Jewish, Latiné, and MENA (Middle Eastern North African) performers for the following roles. 

  • The Old Woman: Wife of The Old Man, resilient, tolerant, stubborn, sick, resolved to her fate.  
  • The Prostitute with a Freckle & The Zuchini Shaped Drunk—Female identifying actor to play two roles in campy scenes as a female sex worker and a male drunk.  
  • The Medic: Think “urgent care nurse” in a village. 
  • Non-speaking ensemble roles that fill the play with movement and scenery.  

Much of the show has been pre-cast and we are only looking to fill these roles at this time. 

About the play: 

One of Israel’s most beloved plays, Requiem is a contemplation on mortality. An old village couple approach the end of life; a coachman just wants to listen to him mourning his son’s death; a young mother refuses to cry over her dying baby; a group of drunkards and prostitutes scheme about how to fulfill their desires. They are all questioning the meaning of life, suffering, loneliness and unhappiness, with no answer in sight. A masterful mélange of storytelling and role-playing, and one of Levin’s most successful plays worldwide. 

Key dates:  first rehearsal:  January 15; preview: March 14; opening March 16; closing April 7.  


This rehearsal process will be unconventional in nature. It will be based in script analysis, character analysis, and arc of action, while also including significant movement and vocal work. Actors will be asked to make strong proposals, be generous, and meet given deadlines. The play requires surreal and abstract approaches as well as realism. 

This production will adhere to the CLEan House Standards. 

Rehearsals are 5-6 times a week, with evening weekday rehearsals and some daytime weekend rehearsals. This is a paid opportunity. 

Auditions are by appointment only, scheduled in groups and will last 2-3 hours. The audition will include presentation of prepared monologue and an ensemble, action-creation workshop including bold physicality and voice work.

For the Audition… 

  • Please prepare a 1–2-minute monologue. 
  • Please send a headshot and resume, in advance. 

Audition times: 

November 20th: 6:30pm-9:30pm 

November 26th: 2:00pm-5:00pm 

To schedule an audition appointment, please email Please include “Requiem Auditions” in your subject line. Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number and preferred audition time slot. Send a copy of your headshot and resume as an attachment to your email.  

No phone calls please.   

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