Free Workshop with the Cleveland Core Ensemble (CPT’s in-house devising ensemble)


This three day workshop with Raymond Bobgan, Darius J. Stubbs, and Faye Hargate is focused on physical work of the actor, our approach to voice and song, and actor creation.

This session will also function as a selection session for future work. This is a way for performers to get to know us and our way of working. This is also a way to test out the potential for performers to be successful in this process and style of work.

Free workshop/selection sessions will be held on the evenings of March 25, 27, and 28 (6:30-10:30p). Participants are expected to attend all three sessions.

Participation in this workshop is by application only. Actors may apply by sending a resume and a “one page email” stating the reasons why they are interested in working with Raymond Bobgan and the Cleveland Core Ensemble. Please send email to Also let us know if you are interested in being considered for the development phase listed below, or if you would not like to be included in consideration.

We will reply to applications in 48 hours after receipt and applications must be received no later than 3/21.

DEVELOPMENT PHASE of Masks of Flight, a new work of the Cleveland Core Ensemble.
Rehearsals will go from April 7 – June 2 and include public showings near the end of the process, and possibly showings at Station Hope on May 4. Rehearsals are in the evenings on weekdays, and during the day and evenings on the weekends, with an average of 25 hours of rehearsal per week. There are no rehearsals the week of April 22-26.

DEVELOPMENT PHASE of Masks of Flight is not yet fully defined. That said, here are standard notifications and disclosures about potential topics:

  • There may be flying, stage combat/violence,  and other highly physical work which involve greater risk than a typical performance.
  • Costumes have not yet been designed and though nudity is not anticipated, some scenes may include revealing costumes. Consent will be requested based on this at the time of design.
  • Our rehearsal methods may involve significant touching and contact improv—no hands to breast, booty, or groin without discussion and consent.
  • Currently we are planning intimate scenes which will be developed without a certified intimacy choreographer. We will seek and implement best practices in this work.
  • There may be topics in the material that are very disturbing including sexual violence, racisim, sexism and other forms of oppression and violence.
  • Participation in this work is not a guarantee of inclusion in future development phases of this work.

Actors will be offered an honorarium of $450 for their work on this project.

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