Archives by Day: September 23, 2021

Cleveland Public Theatre Announces Expanded CHOOSE WHAT YOU PAY Ticketing Practice

Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT)’s Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan is proud to announce, in the spirit of radical hospitality, all tickets to CPT productions are Choose What You Pay. CPT is eliminating standard ticket prices, and every ticket purchased will be valued at the discretion of the patron.

CPT believes theatre is essential. Our typical Box Office only covers one-fifth of the cost of a production and if patrons paid for the value of the ticket, pricing would no longer represent what we also believe to be true: theatre must be economically accessible. We balance this belief with a fundamental assumption that art is of great value and we undertake our work at great cost. We believe in our audiences to choose what is best and appropriate. And we believe audiences are artists in their own way and great theatre needs great audiences. You are an essential part of the CPT experience. I can’t wait to be at the theatre with you. —Raymond Bobgan, CPT Executive Artistic Director

CPT has implemented a Choose What You Pay ticketing policy for over 15 years, believing that art should have no barriers, including financial ones. In previous seasons, these tickets could only be purchased at the Box Office on the night of the show. This season, EVERY TICKET is Choose What You Pay and will be offered online, over the phone, at the Box Office, and can be purchased at any time.

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