Archives by Day: July 17, 2023

Cleveland Public Theatre’s “Making Waves” In Their 2023/2024 Season

Cleveland Public Theatre’s (CPT) Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan is proud to announce the 2023/2024 Season “Making Waves.”

“From the gorgeous poetry of Jaiie Dayo Aliya’s Our Lady of Common Sorrows to Rachel Bublitz’s raucous humor with a heart-wrenching core in Funny, Like an Abortion, from the highly anticipated U.S.A.  premiere of legendary Israeli playwright Hanoch Levin’s world classic Requiem, to Tania Benites’ thriller Alter, to the daring, universal stories from the cast of Masrah Cleveland Al Arabi. This season is about making waves to incite ripples across our communities―getting out and living life, embracing our authentic selves, and asking ourselves and each other to level up. I can’t wait to be there with Cleveland to laugh a lot, cry, wonder, and sit in that moment of silence when we know we have just witnessed something truly profound and remarkable.” ― Raymond Bobgan, executive artistic director

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