CPT is thrilled to announce the next round of Kulas Foundation Composer Fellowships for singer/songwriters, composers, and sound designers. This is a brand-new version of the program with three different options to maximize engagement and really connect with artists in the region.  

The Kulas Foundation was established in 1937 with the primary purpose of supporting the musical arts in the Greater Cleveland area. Today, the Foundation continues to focus on music and makes grants in the areas of arts and culture, community, education, and music therapy research. 

“The Kulas Foundation Composer Fellowship has resulted in so many wonderful works of theatre and performance and significantly enhanced CPT productions while simultaneously supporting artistic and career development of incredible artists. The fellowship has also resulted in many incredible collaborations that have blossomed well beyond the scope of the program. Some of my favorite moments on CPT stages in the past ten years involve past fellows and I can’t wait to see and hear what the future fellows create for our community!”  ―Raymond Bobgan, CPT executive artistic director 

Composers may apply for one or all the following new options: 

  1. Sound Design Fellowship—for composers who want to deepen (or begin) work as sound designers and composers for theatrical performances. This fellowship includes a general award of $2,000, plus an additional $2,000 for each show designed (less for workshops). There is also an expense budget for CPT to acquire equipment, hire musicians, etc of up to $2,000. Knowledge or self-learning of QLAB is critical for this option. This fellowship is typically 12-18 months, beginning July 1, 2024. 
  1. Composing Only Fellowship― for composers who want to create music for shows but will not necessarily determine how the music is used in queuing. Composers will receive $3,000 which includes fees for compositions for one show. Composers deliver finished products of recordings in the form of mp3s or similar formats that are show-ready. There is an expense budget of $2,000. This fellowship is typically for 6-12 months, beginning July 1, 2024.   
  1. Commission Fellowship― for composers who want to create a single piece of music, fully recorded and produced for free use by CPT. CPT uses these recordings for many purposes but especially for scoring of video content. Commission songs should be upbeat and useable for a variety of purposes. Commission Fellows also are expected to play their song at Pandemonium. Commissioned artists receive $2,500 all-inclusive. This fellowship is typically for 3-6months, beginning July 1, 2024. 

To learn more and apply click here! 

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