The Open Door

Artists need space—performing artists need more space. We have space. We want more art! Let’s talk about FREE SPACE.

CPT is beta testing a new program for dance, theatre and other performance art makers: The Open Door.

Application Process for this opportunity is closed

The Open Door is a program to provide free space to artists who are developing new work or just experimenting.

CPT will select a few artists to test out this program with us. These artists will share use of the CPT Church space. Artists will need to work together to accommodate props, equipment and other rehearsal set-up, and share in basic cleaning.

The Open Door artists will share a Google Calendar and will each have a key to the building. As long as space is booked in advance, they can rehearse whenever they wish.

This program does not allow for public events and sharings with more than 20 people present, unless cleared with CPT staff.

Also, sadly, CPT has not yet been able to raise funds to make this space wheelchair accessible. We are working on this and will use the feedback from this initiative as a basis.

The Open Door application process is open to all performing artists but we will prioritize groups who are working in unique and interesting ways—such as ensemble devising groups, people who are working in the gray areas between forms, and those who are experimenting in different ways.


CPT will provide:

  • Key to the space.
  • Space orientation and cleaning training.
  • Monitoring of the shared Google Calendar.

Lead Artists will provide:

  • Attend at least 2 of the mandatory meetings with the cohort of The Open Door artists.
  • Daily cleaning at the end of rehearsal.
  • Clear communications with others about space use.
  • Enter into an agreement with CPT related to liability.
  • Mention CPT as related to the project’s future production as you see appropriate.
  • Attend three shows at CPT before the end of the 2023 year.
  • Undertake some easy activities to support CPT; for example, posting on social media about an upcoming show or event.
  • Generally leave the space better than you found it.
  • Return Key by 12/20, 2023.

Special notes:

  • Space cannot be used for public events or social gatherings.
  • Offering paid or unpaid classes is not allowed.


The Open Door is about moving projects forward and deepening practice.

The selection team is looking to answer these questions:

  • Is this a team or artist that will significantly benefit from the space?
  • Is the project or process compelling and does it have strong potential?
  • Is the work aligned with CPT’s mission of producing ground-breaking works?
  • Is the artist a highly responsible person and a strong and consistent communicator?

We often have follow-up questions for your application, so please keep an eye out for contact from us. This means we are interested in the proposal or want to make sure we have a complete understanding.


Applicant’s Name

Applicant’s Email:

Applicants Cell Phone:

Additional Identification if applicable (group name, project name)

Artistic Discipline (in your own words):

Describe what you are working on—is this a concrete project or a process? What will you be doing in the space?

What makes this project a good fit for CPT?

Who will be using the space with you?

Tell us more about yourself…

Artistic statement about who you are: 100 words max.

Upload resume and/or bio.

Upload or link to samples of your past work if available.

Why is inclusion in The Open Door important to you and how will it be impactful on your work?

What is the time range of when you would need space (for example Nov 1-17)?

When would you want to use the space (for example Saturdays from 10am-4pm or three nights a week 6-10)?

How do you feel you can support CPT and help us get the word out about our shows?

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