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Cleveland Public Theatre announces 2022/2023 Season

Cleveland Public Theatre announces 2022/2023 Season

Incremental and Monumental

Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT)’s Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan is proud to announce the 2022/2023 season, which delivers on CPT’s mission of raising consciousness and nurturing compassion through theatre that is daring, relevant, and socially conscious.

CPT invests in innovation and diversity, and has been recognized regionally and nationally as a leader in the support and development of new work, the amplification of emerging voices, and for producing and presenting work from artists creating theatre outside the mainstream.

The theme of CPT’s 2022/2023 season is INCREMENTAL AND MONUMENTAL.

“This past year was one of flexing, adaptation, and evolution… and we don’t plan to end this process of change.

Traditions of the past like “the show must go on” are being shed in favor of ways that center artists and respect the moment. And yet, we, at CPT, don’t see this as something that diminishes impact or commitment. Like most artists and theaters, we are interested in real and lasting change… something monumental.

Even from the start—Breakout Session (or Frogorse) by Nikkole Salter reminds us that as we seek change in the world, and in ourselves, we need to slow down, we need to listen. Sometimes it can feel slow, but when it’s authentic, this change is also monumental, because it’s lasting and it leads to more change. It’s a ripple effect that cannot be held back.

Though we will be announcing this season incrementally, our choices will not be timid, and the artists we are working with have important things to express. In spite of what we hear, we believe that work of artists…grassroots stuff, that is local, that is new, that is real— is monumental. That is what we aspire to.”

—Raymond Bobgan, CPT EXECUTIVE Artistic Director

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