Archives by Day: October 26, 2022

Artist Spotlight: Charmaine Spencer

When you take a trip through the maze that is Candlelight Hypothesis, you will see a number of art pieces that resemble wings that are overhead when you enter the “exhibit” space of the immersive production.  These pieces where commissioned by Director Raymond Bobgan for his newly mounted version of Candlelight Hypothesis; and created by local artist Charmaine Spencer. “Raymond wanted a more artsy feeling [for the piece].” So, Charmaine recalled a piece she created that had another incarnation, and thought it would work well as clouds, but when she did the walkthrough with Raymond, she literally saw wings around him, and changed the focus. The pieces are made of conduit which make them very lightweight and when the lighting hits them, they appear to glow in the dark like a moth’s wings.

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